Best ways to Use Facebook Chat without opening Facebook

Facebook is one of the the giants, in fact ‘THE’ giant, in the modern social media market. With over 500 million active users, and an average of 234 friends per user, it is important that Facebook maintains a ‘more then just average’ Instant Messaging Service on the website for its users. Facebook hasn’t disappointed its users and has been keeping a well managed Chat service. However, to keep in touch with all your friends at all times, it is very difficult and annoying every time to open your browser, log on to www.facebook.com and then to chat with your friend. To make it easier to chat with friends, many services offer Facebook chat without visiting the Facebook website. Some of these services include
1. Yahoo
Yahoo is one of the most widely used Chatting software all over the world. It is therefore fitting that they have offered a way to let you chat with your yahoo friends using their messenger service. To connect your yahoo to facebook, just sign in to your yahoo messenger and you will see a banner with ‘Link to Facebook’. Click and it and it will link your account to Facebook. If the banner doesn’t show, go to Messenger | Preferences | Connected Networks tab and then click the Add Facebook button. Then you can sign into Facebook chat and enjoy
Facebook chat using yahoo

2. Skype
Skype is well known Chatting, Voice and Video calling software. It also provides services that let you chat with your Facebook friends.
To connect your Skype to Facebook, simply Click on View on the Skype Menu bar, and click on Skype Home. A new Skype windows will open up. Click on the facebook tab as shown in the image below.
Facebook chat using skype
Once you click it, you'll see an option to 'Connect to Facebook'. It you don't see it, that means you're already connected! Now, go over to your Skype main view and click on the Facebook icon next to Contacts.

3. Digsby
Digsby is a multi purpose social software that allows you to chat with your friends on different social services, email your contacts and stay up to date with the notifications of different social websites. It also allows an easy link up to facebook. One of its features is that it allows you to sign in and chat with friends simultaneously from different social services
Facebook chat using digsby

4. Adium
Adium is a free and open source instant messaging application designed for Mac OS X. It allows connect feature to several social services including facebook, AOL, yahoo etc. I has features to maintain separate contact lists and provides an easy method to access your previous chat messages.
Facebook chat using adium

5. Gabtastik
Gabtastik is a Desktop client for web chat services. Gabtastik lets you keep chat sessions open on your Windows desktop outside of your regular web browser, using minimal screen space and system memory. Extremely simple to use and install, Gabtistik has a very simple way of connecting it to Facebook.
Facebook chat using gabtastik
This software is also available for Mac OS X.

6. Chit Chat for Facebook
chit chat for facebook

Chit Chat for Facebook is another free software that you can use to talk to your Online Facebook Friends. The software has several features which make the chatting experience much more easier. Once you login using your Facebook ID and password, it loads up the list of people who are online on Facebook. You Can also set your ‘Status’ in Facebook using Chit Chat and there is more. A Music Update can also be made ( You can set what you are listening to as Status in Facebook) just like in MSN Messenger. The software also has Instant Message and Online/Offline Notification which makes it a complete IM Software for Facebook. 


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