5 best Android Applications for Ramadan 2012

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim Calendar. This month holds special importance for Muslims throughout the World due to the obligation of Fast. In this Holy month, Muslims are more devoted to their Religion than any other month of the year. They fast, offer prayers and recite the Quran and several other prayers alongside their daily routine of work. In such a busy schedule, it is always better to have things that you want to access, a touch away. To make things convenient, we bring to you Ramadan applications for Android Phones. All the things you need for Ramadan can now be on your Phone.

Ramadan 2012
ramadan 2012 application ramadan 2012 application

Ramadan 2012 is a must application to have in your phone in this month of Ramadan. This application has a built in Ramadan Calendar with all the Salah Timings. It also includes a list of all the Sehr and Iftar Timings for the whole month. With alerts for each Salah, this application offers the option of Alarms for Salah which can be very useful esp. for Fajr. There is yet another feature to it. The internal database contains more than 251 countries and 6000000 cities allowing you to get all the Salah timings for that time zone, thus making it very useful during your travel.

Ramadan Daily Dua
ramadan 2012 application ramadan 2012 android
During fasting, recitation of Dua is very beneficial. With the ‘Application Ramadan Daily Dua’, you can easily recite several Dua at all times. This application includes several useful Duas along with their translation in English. Moreover, it also has Audio recitation of the dua to help you recite it properly.

Resala Ramadan (Ramadan Magazine)
ramadan 2012 android
This application is more like a Ramadan magazine. It holds a complete guide; all the basic things you need to know and do in this holy month. This application also has different “Dua” and “Ahadith” including their references regarding Ramadan which can always be a source of motivation for us.

Ramadan Achievements
ramadan 2012 android application
This application can help you take your good deeds to the next level in the Holy month of Ramadan. This application includes a list of activities that you can do on a daily basis. Things like Reading the Quran every day, offering Taraweeh every day and donating money to charity. This application also serves as a reminder to remember our neighbors and needy in this month.

Qibla Compass
qibla compass
Travelling to New places during Ramadan is always a problem as it is always a problem to find the place and after that to determine the direction of Qibla for Salah. But not anymore: Qibla Compass is an Android application that uses geo-tagged notes and a location display. It takes you in right direction always and most important of all, it keeps notes of places you visited, so that you can never forget. This application has different Compass types including ‘Normal’ and ‘Accurate’ types. The Normal type is a simple compass showing standard details while the accurate version shows more detailed information of the location.

Ramadan Kareem ! Smile

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