Android leading Smartphone OS market ahead of iOS

Apple vs Google's Android

It has been a tug of war in the smartphone market and in the Court between Samsung and Apple. The two companies are fighting It out to produce the best smartphone and keep sales higher then the other. Using the best possible OS and making it more user friendly, both companies have made life of a smartphone user much more easier. While the rivalry is between the phones, it is also CERTAINLY between the OS that the companies use. Latest stats have revealed the Android is Winning!

Recent stats. revealed by Gartner, a technology research firm, Android is clearly ahead of the iOS in the Q2 ( 2nd quarter of 2012)

Android leads the smartphone OS market A table shows in the report that Android has almost 3 times the market share. This is mainly because Android is not used by Samsung only. It is currently employed by many other famous smartphone manufacturer’s like Sony, HTC, ZTE and Motorola. The OS is known for its open structure and has currently more then 20 million apps available for it.

The report found that Android continued to lead the smartphone OS market with an increase of 20.7 percent points in market share in Q2 2012. Apple's iOS is slowing increased its market share by 0.6% since the last year but the variation of its share during the Quarters is very high. The report blames the decline on the speculated launch of iPhone 5 this September,

"as users postponed their upgrade decisions in most markets ahead of the upcoming launch of the iPhone 5".

Android finishes apple
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The comparison between the two OS is almost a one way affair. While Apple, during its best Quarter of sales this year, Q1, sold 33 million units, the Android market blew them off with a 98 million unit sale in Q2. This was mainly aided by the 10 million sale of Samsung Galaxy SIII sales of 10 million units in 1 month. With HTC one X also taking the market by storm, the android market was very noisy in Q2. Although Apple’s iPhone 5 is going to bring the iOS market up again in Q3, it is very likely that Android will keep the top spot as phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be released near to the new iPhone.

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