Launch Angry Birds by a real Slingshot

Angry bird real slingshot

All of you smartphone users out there must have played angry birds. The game is extremely famous all over the world has been released of different OS. A new gadget has been made to play this game, A real sling shot to launch the birds.

Named the Super Angry Birds controller, this gadget was made in the Haptic class at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design by Hideaki Matsui and Andrew Spitz

Angry Bird real slingshot

With this controller, you can not only set the angle of the slingshot, but force with which you pull it as well. It is totally cool and you can feel the bird launching through your very own slingshot.

The device also has a TNT for the Explodable Angry birds. This adds to the fun of playing the game as you have a typical TNT detonator to blow off your angry bird.

Connected through USB, the device forms an easy interface with the game and is surely different from the touch or mouse click that we  use to play Angry Birds.

Arduino Angry Bird

The device is made using an electric motor, a Arduino board programmed by MAX and a fader, what you usually use to control the voice in your stereo is used. The fader is what slides back and forth to simulate the slingshot on-screen. The electric motor is used to apply an opposing force to catapult the bird and provide the force-feedback.

Here is the presentation video of the Super Angry Birds Controller

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