Apple vs. Samsung: The Verdict is here and it’s expensive!

The Top two Smartphone Manufacturers of the World went head to head in Court in US regarding the patent infringement case. After a storming case, the Jury in the case gave its verdict on Friday declaring Samsung guilty of Copying Apple's patented products.

The Judgment was announced by the Jury today charging Samsung of Copying 4 of the 7 patents that Apple had alleged Samsung of infringing. The Verdict charged Samsung of Copying and ordered Samsung to pay an amount of $1.049 billion to Apple as compensation.

The Jury gave its final verdict which was read out it court. The result was not at all good for Samsung as they were charged of copying Apple patents like the bounce back feature in scrolling of pages in their phones. Almost all Samsung smartphones in the market were guilty of infringing this patent. There were other copyings like the ‘pinch to zoom’ feature that is also copied by not only Samsung but many other Smartpohne manufacturers.

There were also design patent infringments, where Samsung was accused of copying the design of Apple’s iPad. The overall design layout and side panels of Apple’s products were used by Samsung in its phones. This was evident from the evidence given by Apple which showed Samsung Mobile’s CEO’s Memo which encouraged its employees to make things like iPhone.

The American Based apple also won some claims regarding the on screen Icons that Samsung devices have taken from the Apple products.

This verdict will have far reaching impacts on the gadget market with people being scared of being sued by Apple for even a A in their device which looks like Apple’s A. As Samsung’s spokesman said,

Today's verdict should not be viewed as a win for Apple, but as a loss for the American consumer. It will lead to fewer choices, less innovation, and potentially higher prices."

The verdict will open the way for Apple to sue many other companies that have copied such ‘petty’ patents. The next in line might be HTC, Sony and Motorola.

This shows how big a bully Apple is in the US with its patents as it put the company that has worked with Apple in producing its iProducts. Samsung is currently the largest manufacturer of iPhone components with iPhone’s retina Display made by Samsung which will be in iPhone 5

Although Apple got a lot of compensation, still its less then Apple demanded for, i.e. $2.55 billion and a ban on selling its products in the US. Such cases are already underway in other countries as well in Asia and Europe.

Samsung would surely be Appealing on this verdict as Samsung stated that ' it is not the end of this case’. Altough there might be a ray of hope for Samsung, the fine could increase to thrice the current value if Judge Lucy Koh finds Samsung of Willfully infringing patents. The Apple victory is just a battle won, the WAR WAGES ON.

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