Barcelona Take on Real Madrid (El Clasico) in the Spanish Super Cup

Barcelona vs Real Madrid El Classico

Spanish Soccer League is currently dominated by the two Spanish clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid. The epic rivalry between the two teams is always worth following. The teams meet head to head in the Spanish Super Cup First Leg in Camp Nou (Barca’s Home). The Kick off is at set for 4:30 p.m. ET.

Spanish super cup

The Spanish Cup is played between the teams who won the Spanish Soccer League ‘La Liga’ and the Spanish Copa Del Rey. The Spanish Cup consists of two legs, one home and one away for each team. This year, like most years in spanish league, it is between the Catalan Giants and the Galaticos, and usually sparks fly when these two teams meet.

Barcelona win super cup 2011

 Last years Spanish Cup was lifted by the all famous Barcelona, who defeated real Madrid over 2 legs on 5-4 Aggregate. The match was filled with controversies and cards were out of referees pocket every time. When it comes to winning the Spanish Cup, Barcelona are the favorites with last 3 Spanish Cup Belonging to them.

So why is the game so hyped about? Well its brings together the best things that exist in soccer together onto one pitch. Starting off

Ronaldo VS Messi

Ronaldo vs Messi

Current the Top two players in world football, it is always a competition between these two regarding who will score more. While Messi has been dominant overall with his MANY goals against Real Madrid, the Portuguese Ronaldo has just started to get the hold of things against Barcelona as he scored a marvelous winner against them at the end of last season.

Real Madrid’s Game Play VS Barcelona’s Game Play

Barca and madrid gameplay

This is the most contrasting thing about this match. Barcelona, dominated by Spanish players resort to a game play of keeping possession of the ball and creating seemingly beautiful moves
As opposed to Barcelona, Real Madrid play a more direct, infact a very direct game, the counter Attack gameplay. While they sit deep in their half when they play against Barca, as soon as they win the ball, its in mere seconds that they exchange 6 to 7 passes and the ball is in the Goal.

Jose Mourinho VS Tito Vilanova

mourinho and vilanova poke

This battle is rather new but still very hyped. Jose Mourinho, currently the most smart and clever manger of this era, is set to destroy Barcelona’s domination in Spanish football and has been successful in doing so as Barcelona Coach Pep Guardiola, resigned last year. Tito Vilanova, assistant of Guardiola got a promotion. Although he is new to the job, he doesn’t like Mourinho very much as Mourinho poked him in the eye during a bust up in a El Classico.

Home grown Super Stars vs Bought Super Stars

barca madrid squad

While Barca has a  line of players that come from their own academy, Real Madrid are known for buying internationally establish players. While both the teams have exceptional quality, it is very likely that players apart from Ronaldo and Messi can equally perform to get a win for their team. Players like Iniesta ( Nominated for FIFA world player of the ear 2012) and Ozil, can produce moments of magic that can turn matches in seconds.


madrid win

This encounter will be hot to handle and while the cup will be decided by the course of two matches, it is very difficult to pick a winner. Personally I think Real Madrid will clinch the Cup considering their recent performances against Barcelona.

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