Samsung Galaxy SIII to be Released in Black! and with a 64 GB Internal Storage

Samsung Black Galaxy SIII

Samsung’s flagship phone Galaxy SII hit the stores in Q2 this month and sold 10 million copies in 2 months. Currently leading the smartphone market, Galaxy SIII is set to be released in black color but that’s not it,it will also have a 64 GB Internal Storage.

Samsung Galaxy SIII show

The rumors of the black Galaxy SIII have been in the market for quite sometime now with different companies adding to the rumors. The latest addition was by the Online Retailer Clove, who claim that the black Galaxy SII will be available in October. The Retailer also claims that it will have a 64 GB internal storage to boast, which is 2 to 4 times more then the current Galaxy SIII holds.

The pricing details haven't been discussed by the online retailer, but it is very likely that the Black Galaxy SIII will come out soon enough. This is because the Smartphone Giants, Samsung, promised a 64 GB Internal Storage version of the smartphone in second half of the year. In July a Samsung spokesperson revealed that

"the 64GB model of the Galaxy S3 will be available during the second half of this year”.

There have been rumors from other sources as well. MobileFun, an independent retailer has gone to the extent of placing the Black Samsung Galaxy SIII for pre order and placing it at a high price of $782. The retailer said that the phone will be available for those who preordered in 4 weeks while it will hit the stores two weeks after that. Expansys and Carphone Warhouse have also shown similar deals.

The phone is speculated to be released with Android Jelly Beans 4.1, which was to be available for Several Samsung devices by Oct.

Samsung Android jelly beans

Depending what the iPhone 5 ends up looking like, Samsung's possible full black Galaxy S3 release could be a strategic move to stay up-to-date with Apple's aesthetic.

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