Case Against Apple by Google Owned Motorola

Motorola files case against Apple

With Samsung and Apple already fighting it out in the court room regarding patenting issues, another smartphone related case has been filed. This time its Motorola, owned by Google, who have decided to go to the court against Apple for allegedly copying their patents.

Motorola Mobility has filed the case to the US International Trade Commission to ban the imports of the Apple Products in to the US. Motorola claims that Apple has infringed 7 of its patents and therefore should not be allowed to import its products in the US from Asia (where Apple Produces its products).
Motorola Officials stated,

“We would like to settle these patent matters, but Apple’s unwillingness to work out a license leaves us little choice but to defend ourselves and our engineers’ innovations.”

The complete details of the lawsuit filing will be out by Monday but according to Bloomberg, the patents infringed include iPhone’s Flagship Siri Voice Recognition Tool.

This is the second lawsuit by Motorola on Apple in an Attempt to destroy Steve Job’s Company. The first lawsuit was about Apple violating four patents of Motorola. The partial judgment of that case showed that Apple had actually violated one patent of Motorola. The complete judgment of that case is due on 24th August 2012 in which it will be decided if Apple’s products will be banned in US or not.

Google bought Motorola along with its 17000 patents and experts are speculating that Google is fighting Apple using Motorola’s name.

Florian Mueller speculates,

“The announcement of this new complaint may be driven in part by a desire to demonstrate that Motorola isn't finished even if its first ITC complaint against Apple may fail (in its entirety, or for the most part). Another possible motivation on Google's part is that the acquisition of Motorola Mobility has not been money well spent so far. And a third reason could be that Apple has the upper hand in its dispute with Samsung and may receive a favorable verdict, possibly as early as next week, which would call into question Google's ability to bring about the patent peace it promised a year ago when it announced the Motorola deal.”

The ban on Apple’s iPhone, iPod and iPad, which is highly unlikely, will only happen if President Barack Obama Approves it. If he does ban the products, it might cost him in his next elections!!

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