DNA transformed into a Gadget for storing books By Harvard research Team

DNA can store books

DNA is the basis of your genetic material and all your features, physical and facial are stored in it. DNA is able to store more data per cubic millimeter then a flash drive and has now been converted in to Gadget thanks to the all smart Harvard Researches, who stored a book in a DNA.

The scientists were able to write a 53,426 word book on to a DNA. The story was published by science on Thursday and has then since sparked a lot of interest about how did it happen and what are the possibilities.

How DID they DO it?

The data stores in the individual Nucleobase of the DNA strands.
They had to do two things,

1. Translate the book in binary to write it in DNA

2. Synthesize the DNA

The first part was relatively easy and the book was translated including the images in binary code and then each 0 and 1 was assigned to a nucleobase

The second part was extremely difficult with the DNA being 5.27 nucleobases long. The strand was written in 96 nulceobase per step and it was a time consuming procedure.

The book was written on the DNA….WOW.. but hold on. It had to be read as well to test if it was correctly transport.
How DID they READ it?

This was easy. You know all the DNA testing stuff in cases and trying to find out the parenthood of a child. Those devices were used to translate the book into binary and then into HTML coding. The errors were very small. Only 10 bits out of 5.27 million.

This New Gadget for storing books can be very useful considering its small size, which is quite enticing for people with a lot of data. Secondly the data will be available for ever considering the life of DNA.
On the other hand DNA reading material is very expensive plus DNA is like a DVD-R. You can write on it only once.

Only time will tell if this tech. will take Centre stage or not!!!

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