Warm wishes to you all on this Eid ul Fitr :Eid Mubarak !

On behalf of The Gadget Code team I wish all of our readers,visitors and everyone round the globe a splendid Eid. May this Eid bring the most joyous moments of 2012 and bless us with happiness, peace and unity.

After fasting for a whole month consecutively from dawn till dusk, Muslims are bestowed with the Blessings of Eid as a Gift. On this day they enjoy and celebrate for being given the holy month of Ramadhan (i.e the month before eid) .
On this day Muslims begin their Eid with the Eid Prayer in a congregation. After which everyone embraces and hugs each other. Traditionally people visit their relatives where they share greetings , gifts and most importantly kids are given, ‘Eidi’, cash from their elders.This is the most awaited part of Eid for the youngsters at least. And not to forget the sweet dishes with which people treat their families, relatives and guests. All in all this is the most celebrated event of the Muslim world on which all the colors of life brighten up with enthusiastic vibrancy.
As part of Eid celebrations the Gadget world has gifted users in various ways. I’ll just share a few of the many specials that you might wana check out:
1. iPhone Eid Celebrations Apps:
2. You might want to gift your loved ones(or yourselves) with these awesome techies on this Eid:

I hope you have a good time on this occasion. And hey why shouldn't you, Its Eid afterall ! Peace and blessings to you all.

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