Samsung set to unveil Galaxy Note 2 on Aug 29, 2012

Samsung galaxy Note II

Samsung is surely the biggest name now when it comes to smart phones and when the Galaxy note was released last year, they entered into the phablets domain with a bang. The phone had 8 million active devices in a year and has been competitive with other phablets in the market. Now the next galaxy note is about to be released and with Apple’s I Phone 5 due to be released somewhere near the galaxy note.

Samsung has started sending out invites to the press for an August 29th event at IFA in Berlin. It has been confirmed by a spokesman from Samsung who told the Reuters,

“We plan to unveil the next Galaxy Note at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin on August 29.”

This is a major development because the Apple’s I phone 5 is all set to be released on Sept. 12. With both the companies already head to head in a trial regarding leaked information, it is likely that there will be a battle in the market too. Although belonging to a different class than smartphones, the phablets, it is likely that the two phones will battle it out to decide who dominates the market this year.

What to expect from the Galaxy Note 2?
It has been quite a debate with different rumors running around the market. There have been several specifications discussed but the most likely to come out in the next galaxy note will be a Quad Core processor Exynos 5250 ( Samsung’s own make), Android  4.1 Jelly beans and a 5.5” display.

The above features are likely to correct with Quad Core (4 processing cores) processor Exynos 5250  with a giant speed of 2GHz. is likely to meet the high-end demands of the phablet. The previous Galaxy Note contained Android 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich and with Samsung’s Galaxy SIII released with Android 4.0, it is highly improbable that Samsung will not go with the jelly beans. Regarding the display, the first Galaxy had a 5.3” display and this one will surely have some upsizing.

Samsung Android 4.1

The features that are being anticipated in the phone are maybe an improved Camera, with the previous version only holding a Camera of 8 MP, the new Note might have a Camera of 13 MP. Another feature being predicted in the box is NFC chip, which featured in Samsung’s Galaxy SIII. The display pixels per inch is also being speculated over, with Samsung Galaxy SIII holding a display of 306 pixels per inch compared to the 328 pixels per inch of I phone 4S, it is sure that Samsung will try to exceed the I Phone is this area.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Regarding the external design, it is being thought that Samsung will not change their ways in this area with the same Poly Carbonate non-plastic design, similar to Galaxy SIII.

Samsung Galaxy SIII

In the end all these are just guesses. The real thing is ready and about to be released soon so stay tuned to find out.

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