HTC One X gets Android 4.0.4 Upgrade

HTC is currently among the top manufacturers of smartphone. Although not in the league of Samsung and Apple, HTC has managed to make space for itself in the market with its sleek, easy to use and most importantly cheap smartphones. Holding an Android for all its phones, HTC’s moto, QUIETLY BRILLIANT, tells its story. The Taiwanese company released its best phone recently, HTC One X, which was very successful in the market. HTC has released update for the Android OS and is available in most of the countries.

The update has been long anticipated by the users. With AT&T users getting the update earlier this month, HTC promised its users through its facebook page that it will provide update this month. The update has been released in many countries, earliest in Germany and Slovenia and later in the day other countries will start getting it. HTC stated,

"The primary update will include an upgrade to Android version 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich), in addition to an improved Sense experience "

HTC one X camera

The company has released Sense 4.1 in the update. This is bound to improve the User interface, Camera functionality and  memory enhancements. Sense will allow users to customize the recent app key by mapping it with a menu function. The home screen animation is set to improve along with the notification bar.
The update also focuses on improving the stock browsing experience for users introducing the tab change switch and a one touch Facebook signing in tab which will allow users to sign in to Facebook through different applications. Along side the browsing, the Beats Audio experience is to be improved with better sound quality.
Camera functionality updates will allows users to take advantage of features such as white balance and continuous AF in the 8MP rear-facing camera.

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