Specs of Microsoft’s ‘Xbox 720’ Leaked, And They are Awesome!!

new Xbox 720

Microsoft took the gaming World by storm when it released the first of its gaming consoles, Xbox, in November 2001. With the success of its first Xbox, Microsoft continued the series with Xbox 360 in 2005.Since then, 7 years have passed and people are now getting ready for the Next Xbox. While Microsoft showed no signs of releasing any news or updates regarding the upcoming Xbox, there have been some leaks of possible specs from different sources and if they turn out to be correct, the next Xbox is going to be a Gamer’s Paradise. Speculated to be Released in the later half of 2013, Lets find out what it holds for us.


The new Xbox promises a lot of features that will turn your Xbox into a mini virtual world itself. With features like true 1080p, native 3D support, Blu-ray player and DVR functionality, Microsoft’s aim to make it such that the Xbox 720 will not only be a gaming engine, but a complete entertainment package.

For taking the gaming experience to a highly different level," the Xbox 720 will support "next-generation AAA games”, ( High budget Games with Top Quality) that Microsoft promises will be a lot more engaging  than titles currently available for the Xbox 360. A second-generation Kinect accessory referred to as Kinect V2 will provide "closer, wider, deeper" 3D play space, improved voice recognition, four-player tracking, dedicated processing, and an improved HD RGB camera..

Xbox Kinect for gaming

The most important feature of a console are its controllers. Regarding it, Xbox World Magazine reported on Feb. 10 2012,

“New Xbox's controller will be "an HD screen surrounded by the traditional 360 buttons and sticks" and that it “could be a remote control when you're watching TV, a browser when you're on the internet, extra buttons and information when you're playing a game or a portable display when you want to take your game with you."

Xbox 720 controller

The Next Xbox wont be planning to make you sit in 1 room with a controller and a screen 24/7, rather it focuses on making the experience more socially interactive. Leading game developers are speculating that multiplayer gaming with cross plat form functionalities will be the next big thing. As Graeme Ackers, a developer at Studio Liverpool,states:

"Affecting your mate's single-player career could be something really fun to do, and something we're going to look at to do. You don't want to switch on your console and fall out of your social sphere.

The Core

The most essential part of a gaming console, its core. There have been several reports and rumours being discussed.  IGN reports that,
The New Xbox would be six times more powerful than current-gen consoles and would feature an AMD 6000 series GPU similar to the Radeon HD 6670. That specific processor includes support for DirectX11, a feature specified in most next-gen job listings.
Other speculations include IBM and Global Foundries manufacturing chips including a Power PC central Processor from IBM with Radeon HD 7000-series GPU from AMD.

Whatever might be the makes,the New Xbox is set to exhibit a 16 core processor.

You can’t play used games on it!!

This will surely not be welcome by the gamers community, with most of them not able to purchase large brand games. The New Xbox is rumored to require a constant internet connection in order to keep users from playing USED GAMES. This will surely reduce the sales of Xbox in countries with slow Internet Connectivity and kill the Exchange games  market.


There have been pretty large speculations over the New Xbox’ price. With people speculating it from $100 to $300, it is a general opinion that it will be cheaper and more accessible for masses. With PS4 speculated to release in the same Time Frame as Xbox 720, we can expect a price competition.

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