Samsung is building Google’s Next Nexus phone: Specs Leaked

Google's galaxy Nexus 2

Google has been everywhere when it comes to technology. They also entered the smartphones market and their Nexus Devices were quite successful. With almost an year since the Galaxy Nexus was released, leaks regarding the next Galaxy Nexus have just hit the Internet.

The news was broken by Sammobile, showing a spreadsheet that was a comparison between the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy SIII and another phone, supposedly the next Nexus.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus specs

The picture shows the GT-I9260, which is a upgrade the model no. of Galaxy Nexus GT-I9250. However, this is about the only part that feels upgraded about this next Nexus.

Looking at the spreadsheet, it is very clear that the rumored next Nexus hasn’t got much to offer. A similar screen size is being offered, although an HD is mouth-watering prospect, it is smaller then the Galaxy SIII.

The processor shows a 1.5 dual core of the A9 series. Now that’s old for a Galaxy Phone. Although Jelly Beans 4.1 Android runs easily on the 1.2 dual core A9, still at least a quad-core would attract more people. Snapdragon S4 should be at least there in the core.

The real improvements that are visible are in the Camera. Both the front and back camera are high end and better then the previous one. Only after this line I started to believe that these specs could be real.
The real eye catcher is a SD card slot addition, the previous Nexus didn’t have it and this will be something that can attract more people to buy the phone.

Although all this might look small and useless against the Might Samsung Galaxy SIII. This next Nexus might actually work. Since Apple and Samsung are fighting it out for the top spot with there expensive phones in the market, this phone can take the mid range market easily if its pricing is good.

Samsung mobile making Nexus

The mobile spreadsheet includes Samsung phones because Google has chosen Samsung as its manufacturer for the Nexus phones. It is very unlikely that Google will hand this project to anyone else (e.g Motorola) because of the quality of the last two Nexus Gadgets that have been produced by Samsung.

All this is just a discussion over a spreadsheet. Although this might turn out to be true, it is very likely that the Next Nexus is set to release at the end of Q3 or in the starting of Q4. This way it will not only avoid all the hype that iPhone 5 is going to get by the buyers but also near the holidays where its sales might go sky high!!

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