Nokia's Introduction to Smart Phones and their downfall.

Nokia Smart Phones

When asked about Nokia Phones 4 or 5 years back, all you could hear was awesome camera, nice apps, great touch etc. etc..Since then, a lot has changed. The Company that introduced Smartphones to the World has lost its tag of the largest Cellphone Manufacturer in the World to Samsung and is facing an Economic Crisis of the highest order with its shares down to its lowest in the past 15 years. All this wasn’t just because iOS and Android were introduced, but heavily due to Nokia’s poor management of their future Operating Systems.

Nokia’s Famous Symbian OS

Symbian OS was once the most successful and liked OS in phones. With Phones like 5230, 5800 and Nokia N97, Symbian S60 was so famous that it was even employed in some Samsung phones as well. The Market was completely under the spell of S60 when I Phone arrived. With its marvelous touch screen and extremely fluent OS, it took the market like a storm. Nokia 5800 was released amid this storm,on 27 April 2008 and its sales were good. November 2009, over 8 million units had been sold but that was mostly due to Nokia’s Brand name. The UI in 5800 was old and didn’t spark interest. While the Nokia S60 phones had nothing to fight with, the iOS and later the Android, the later actually triggering the downfall of S60 slowly forced developers to shift to the iOS and Android.


Nokia Symbian cellphone

Nokia hit back with Symbian^3 introduced in N8. The Phone was very successful but again the OS complete disappointment with the same User Interface. The phone was successful due to its immense Camera of 12 MP and several other features like USG-OTG, HDMI and FM transmitter.
People were still buying Symbian Phones when a infamous Memo of Stephen Elop, CEO Nokia, leaked on the net declaring Symbian as Dead. This led sales of Symbian phones go down drastically and Nokia’s next OS (Supposedly there ultimate Weapon against Android and iOS) wasn’t ready. Symbian OS was continued and Symbian Belle was released.

Symbian Belle

Nokia Belle N8 Mobile

This version of Symbian OS was too late in the market. While it was promised that it would hold a new UI and everything would run fast and smooth, it was all over by then. The developers and customers were fed up of Nokia’s old UI and had shifted to Android and iOS by then.

Symbian MeeGo

Symbian MeeGo Nokia N9

This OS was in development and was the Initially the super weapon for Nokia. The delays in its release hurt Nokia badly. This was because Nokia changed policy and focused on another OS along with MeeGo. This resulted in slow pace of development and eventually the delay. When finally MeeGo hit the market in Nokia N9, it was a masterpiece. The sales were good and it was appreciated but Nokia managed it poorly, they sold the phone in limited countries, God knows why and eventually MeeGo was shut down, sacrificed for the Next big thing

What Nokia planned to compete with against iOS and Android

Nokia Microsoft Windows phone

While MeeGo was their Initial plan against the 2 Giant OS, it was by 2010 that Nokia decided to take up Windows Phone as their New OS. It  signed agreements with Microsoft that tie it with the Redmond company for good or bad. In that relationship, Nokia is the part providing the maps and the colorful handsets bringing the best out of Windows Phone. The series of Windows Phone named Lumia was released. Holding a Windows Phone 7 OS, the series introduced great phones, with extraordinary features and a smooth OS, Nokia has made some recovery. Crave Online reviews,

"The Windows Phone OS is much cleaner and friendlier. It manages to offer the intuitive nature of the iPhone OS without copying its look."

Final Throw at the Dice for Nokia

Lumia Windows phone

Windows announced its release of Windows Phone 8 as their latest OS to be released in Nokia World coming this year. It is a bit of a gamble with Nokia Lumia series not still competing with the likes of Samsung Galaxy series and HTC Android phones and Symbian virtually killed by Nokia itself. Although Windows Phone 8 might be huge with Samsung planning to release 2 devices on it, only time will tell if it succeeds in getting Nokia back to its profitable days. Till then, it’s the silence before the storm.

It has all come down to this only because Nokia made mistakes that are equal to death sentence in Tech. World, delay in the release of technology. With weeks as crucial figures in technology warfare, Nokia delayed and changed plans so often that they are on the fringes of the market with slashed R&D and workforce. They have outsourced manufacturing to Asia and closed a couple of its factories. Lets see what the future holds for the once Cellphone Giants.

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