Samsung ATIV S: First Samsung Smartphone running on Windows Phone 8

Samsung ATIV S windows 8
With the IFA 2012 underway in Berlin, a lot of new gadgets and smartphones are set to be announced. Samsung has started the event with a bang as their Samsung ATIV S was unveiled, the first Smartphone to run on Windows Phone 8 OS.

Windows Phone 8

The device was announced by Windows Phone blog,and later in samsung Unpacked event as well. This is the first smartphone in the line of Windows Phone 8 OS series by Samsung and it is expected that 2 Tabs will also surface with the same OS.

 4.8inch screen ATIV S

The new Samsung ATIV S (ATIV being the backward spelling of VITA), is the latest addition to the family of Samsung smartphones with dual-core processors. Holding a 1.5 GHz. processor, (which one? not known yet) and 1 GB of Ram, the Phone will cater all the needs of the Windows Phone 8 OS.

8 MP rear Camera

It has power, and it has got the looks as well. With a huge 4.8” HD Super AMOLED display to make the touch usage as smooth has possible, the Samsung ATIV S is quite a tough one with a Corning Gorilla Glass 2 to protect the screen. The Phone also holds a whooping 8 MP rear Camera and a 1.9 MP front Camera for Video Calling.

sleek design ATIV S

The design is absolutely mouth watering. With a thickness of 8.7mm, it is only a millimeter thicker then the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The body has been worked upon well by the Samsung Engineers, with just the right weight and a design that just settles down in your hand. You wont feel it is big until you measure the screen with a scale. Hats off the Samsung after their dismal body work of Galaxy Note 10.1

samsung defeat nokia

This Phone marks the arrival of the most awaited OS, Windows Phone 8 and while Nokia has decided to use it as their final attempt to compete with Samsung and Apple, the battle might already be over with this announcement.

Samsung Plans to unveil a whole range of Smartphones with Windows Phone OS, including some Phones in the Windows Phone & OS as well. Although there is no announcement release date of the phone, it is likely that it will hit the stores running in a few months.


  1. When will this phone be ready for mass market sales???????

    1. That is the question of the day my friend. Considering Samsung's previous methods to make phones available for sale, I believe it will by in the markets in Winter

  2. I still find Lumia Design better

  3. way to go Samsung.Apple is going down.

  4. I have been with the iphone from the very first day, and still am. I also bought the HTC HD7 and the HTC Hero- hate Android with a passion but I absolutely adore Windows 7 and 7.5. I now have an HTC Titan, but I wait with baited breath for this phone! I just knew Samsung would release a phone similar to the S3 on Windows 8m and now my wish has been answered! I can't wait.....

  5. i've not been really impressed by samsung's build quality, where iphones r almost perfect... android has really been up there wid da ios, specially after da launch of galaxy s2... but i really dont see da point in samsung collaborating wid microsoft n going for a windows phone... i hav serious doubts abt windows mobile's popularity as well as compatibility wid thousands of apps available for android n ios in da market... i believe it is going to b a step down for samsung...


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