A Movie based on your Facebook Timeline: Timeline Movie Maker

Facebook Timeline Moviemaker 
There was a large hue and cry when Facebook's new Timeline feature was introduced. Blogs and discussion forums were filled with people asking for help to remove Timeline from their profiles. It was a major controversy and there was a mixed response from users. With time users got used to it and the Timeline was generally accepted. Facebook plans to shift all user profiles to timeline by Fall, thus making the profiles of all users consistent. To people who are new to Timeline, it might look like a long webpage that just doesn’t end even after infinite scrolling down. To make life easier for people to view you profile, in fact give them a nice overview of it, Facebook introduced Timeline Movie Maker. Launched in Jan. 2012, this application is owned by Facebook.What does it do and how does it work? Here is a guide to this application.

What does Timeline Movie Maker do?                                        Facebook logo

Timeline Movie Maker allows you to make a short movie of your Timeline. It goes through all the photos on your timeline and evaluating the content you have shared and with friends, and then identifies the most engaging and relevant life moments to build a chronological story for your customized mini-movie. The movie has a length of 1 minute and allows users to view your timeline in a jiffy.
Steps to Follow to make your very own Timeline Movie
1. Open your browser and Visit  www.timelinemoviemaker.com
2. When the page opens, CLICK on the ‘Make Your Movie’ Tab.
3. As you click on the tab, a window will open asking for your Facebook username and password. SIGN IN
4. There will be a paged open to ASK YOUR PERMISSION like in any other Facebook application, once you ALLOW ACCESS,

your timeline movie creation is started!

It takes a few minutes for the application to make your timeline movie. Once it is done, you can watch your timeline movie and share it.

How to EDIT Your Timeline Movie

Since this movie is an Auto generated movie, there is a possibility that you might not like some of it and want to edit it. Editing your timeline movie is easy, once the video is completed, the application gives options to edit your movie. These options include changing the background music of the movie, with 5 available background music.

Timeline Movie Maker Facebook

The Movie Maker also allows you to edit the pictures that appear in your time line movie with your Facebook Photos. Simply scroll down and with find a bar with all the photos that are appearing in your Timeline Movie. CLICK on the picture you want to replace and CLICK from your Facebook photos that are available at the end of the page. To change album of your Facebook photos, select the ‘Albums’ drop down menu and you will see all your Albums.

make Timeline Movie

To give you a better understanding of how good a timeline movie can be, here is a sample Timeline movie.

Timeline Movie Maker is a great experience and an easy way to make a small compilation of your lifetime memories

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