Top 10 Fastest Cars of the World

High speeds and Fast Cars is a passion nowadays. This passion has driven many companies to work on and produce faster Cars. Such cars, though expensive, not only produce large profits, but also established a brand name in the Market. Examples can be Bugatti and Ferrari, who are known for their fast cars. These cars are bought by few and desired by many. We bring to you the list of World’s fastest pair of wheels that you will surely Enjoy.

1. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Manufacturer: Bugatti Automobiles
Top Speed : 267 mph (429 km/h)
Price Tag: $2,400,000.
0-100 km/h : 2.4 sec.
Engine Power: 1200 hp

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport of Bugatti Automobiles (owned by Volkswagen) is currently the fastest car in the World. The car went to production on 2010 and established the record speed of 267 mph on 4th July 2010 on Volkswagen's Ehra-Lessien high-speed test track. The Car is an absolute Royalty and the manufacturers have stated that only 30 Cars will be produced.

FOR THE NO. 2 SPOT: We have a Tie!!!!! between Hennessey Venom GT and Koenigsegg Agera R

2. Hennessey Venom GT

Hennessey Venom GT

Manufacturer: Hennessey Performance Engineering
Top Speed : 260 mph (418 km/h),
Price Tag: $950,000
0-100 km/h : 2.5 sec
Engine Capacity 6.2 litres
Engine Power: 1200 hp
Hennessey Venom GT is car produced by Hennessey Engineering of US. The Venom GT is currently being assembled in the England Facility of the company. Although the company is not that well known, their cars have surely taken top positions in the list of Super Cars. Till now, less then 10 of these beauties have been manufactured

2. Koenigsegg Agera R

Koenigsegg Agera R

Manufacturer: Koenigsegg Automobile AB
Top Speed : 260 mph (418 km/h),
Price Tag: $1,600,000
0-100 km/h : 2.9 sec
Engine Capacity 5 litres
Engine Power: 1099 hp
Koenigsegg Agera R has been brought to reality by a Swedish firm Koenigsegg. The car has an R in its name marking it as a special edition. The Car also is different from other cars due to the fact that the fuel used in it is biofuel. The car beat the Record of SSC Ultimate Aero to become the 2nd fastest car in 2011.

3. SSC Ultimate Aero

SSC Ultimate Aero

Manufacturer: SSC North America (Shelby Super Cars)
Top Speed : 257 mph (413 km/h)
Price Tag: $654,400
0-100 km/h : 2.7 sec
Engine Capacity 6.2 litres
Engine Power: 1189 hp
The car is being manufactured by American based company, SSC North America. The SSC Ultimate Aero, now down to no. 3 was the fastest car on the planet for almost 3 years. The Bugatti Veron Super Sport broke its record speed and later on the Koenigsegg Agera R also clocked more to push it down to 3.

4. Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo

Manufacturer: SSC North America (Shelby Super Cars)
Top Speed : 248 mph (399 km/h)
Price Tag: $555,400
0-100 km/h : 2.8 sec
Engine Capacity 7 litres
Engine Power: 1000 hp
Saleen 7 Twin Turbo is the flag ship car of Saleen Incorporated, an American based company. The Car belongs to a series of cars starting from Saleen s7. The s7 turbo model was introduced in 2007 which offered exceptional high power and has a rich racing history.

5. Koenigsegg CCX

Koenigsegg CCX

Manufacturer: Koenigsegg Automobile AB
Top Speed : 245 mph (394 km/h)
Price Tag: $545,568
0-100 km/h : 3.4 sec
Engine Capacity 4.8 litres
Engine Power: 806 hp
It is the older version of theKoenigsegg Agera R. The Car, put on display on the 1st time in 2006 in Geneva Car show. The car has clocked 245 mph coming 5th in the all time fastest cars of its age.

6. McLaren F1

McLaren F1

Manufacturer: McLaren Automotive
Top Speed : 240 mph (386 km/h)
Price Tag: $970,000
0-100 km/h : 3.2 sec.
Engine Capacity 6.1 litres
Engine Power: 618 hp
The all famous McLaren's F1 is an essential part of the list. The car was the fastest in the world in 1998 and further. Even after 14 years, only 6 cars have surpassed the British Gem.

7. Zenvo ST1

Zenvo ST1

Manufacturer: Zenvo Automotive
Top Speed : 233 mph (374 km/h)
Price Tag: $1,225,000
0-100 km/h : 2.9 sec
Engine Capacity 6.1 litres
Engine Power: 1104 hp
This Car is the first Danish Super Car. Known for its mean looks, it would definitely suit the great Batman or maybe its red version will be liked by Tony Stark. The car has been limited to 3 units per year and the company is set to make on 15 of these beauties.

8. Gumpert Apollo

Gumpert Apollo

Manufacturer: GmbH
Top Speed : 225 mph (362 km/h)
Price Tag: $450,000
0-100 km/h : 3 sec.
Engine Capacity 4.2 litres
Engine Power: 650 hp
Gumpert claims that the Apollo was designed such that it could drive upside-down in a tunnel with speeds at 190 mph or above. Of course, no one has tested this yet.

9. Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin One-77
Manufacturer: Aston Martin
Top Speed : 220 mph (354 km/h))
Price Tag: $1,850,000
0-100 km/h : 3.4 sec.
Engine Capacity 7.1 litres
Engine Power: 750 hp
This car is a movie star. Yes you heard it right. It was used in a James bond movie, Tomorrow neverd dies and was equipped with weapons that you can dream of. 77 units of this car were produced and it was extremely expensive car of its time.

10. Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo

Manufacturer: Ferrari
Top Speed : 217 mph (349 km/h)
Price Tag: $670,000
0-100 km/h : 3.8 sec.
Engine Capacity 6 litres
Engine Power: 660 hp
The car names after the company’s founder was one of its kinds. The car was produced in limited amounts and only 77 units were produced


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