A $30,000 worth Million Year Hard Drive

The integrity of our data lasts only as long as our hard drive it is saved on. Almost all the computer-users have at one point faced the irony of data loss owing a dead hard disk. Scientist have seemed to come-up with a solution. But it is not as handy yet since the price roams around a massive $30K.

hard disk drive
Its not just the price that makes it different. Scientists say it is not a regular hard drive that could be used in current-day computers to store music, spreadsheets or other such data. The responsibility of holding data depends on some of the hardest elements, platinum and sapphire. The hard drive will be used to store images intended to transfer information to a generation (of humans, most probably) million years down the lane.
The current usage expected is by archeologists and nuclear scientists to store the details of nuclear waste buried under the land. Since any accidental dig-up of the nuclear waste could be catastrophic, it is important to store the location of the disposal safely and securely for as long as possible. The acid, fire and other disaster tests carried out on the hard drive lead to a conclusive life expectancy of 1 million years.

hard disk drive
Authorities plan to store such images on the drive so that they could be easily interpreted even 1 million years from now, by people totally unaware of current linguistic configuration, or by space-lings currently unaware of man’s existence on earth!
Though this seems to have little value for today’s technologists, a million year hard drive could change the way we look at data storage and its security.

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