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Android Google Maps

Android is currently the dominating OS when it comes to smartphones. Phones like Samsung’s Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note etc. etc. of Samsung’s phones have Android. HTC and Motorola have also employed Android OS for their phones. Android has several features and vary according to the versions of android. The most important feature is maps. Since android is Google’s make, the maps are all Google map’s and guide you where you want. Though a very good software, Google maps is not the only software you can use for GPS. Here are some other GPS softwares that android supports.


Waze Android smartphones

One of the most widely used application for navigation these days. With worldwide 20 million users, the application is community-driven application and learns from users' driving times to provide ways and real-time traffic updates. The Application is not only available for Android but Windows Phone and iOS as well. The application will tell you fuel prices, traffic situation and shortcuts that have been updated by users. The application lets you socialize as well with your facebook and twitter friends and you can also join fellow Wazers who pass from the roads you drive to to know everything about it.Currently Waze has a complete base map in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, South Africa,Ecuador, (parts of) Argentina, and Panama.

Navfree USA

Navfree navigation smartphone

The software is also quite successful and mostly known for its offline navigation. The application is also free to download and install. Navfree uses map data from OpenStreetMap(OSM). The software has several features including fast routing and turn by turn routing that guide you to your destination using the voice guidance system. The software is also known for a very fasting rerouting system. Other features include IPOD access and  a direct search tab for Google and Bing.


Mapquest for android phones

This software belongs to one of the oldest companies in maps and navigations, MapQuest. Like Google earth, this company also has websites that shows online maps. Regarding cellphones maps and navigation, MapQuest is  delivering excellent turn-by-turn directions via apps for Android and iOS devices and an HTML5-based web app that should run in most smartphones' browsers. The company is owned by AOL has several other features like voice guided directions and fuel price comparisons.


Telenav for navigation

The software, although not released for android yet, can be used by any stock browser. The software has several features 3-D guidance of roads, lane guidance and traffic signals. This software also has a real time traffic update feature and a voice guided navigation system. The software is available for iOS.


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