Apple wants 8 Samsung Phones out of US Stores

Apple bans 8 Samsung phones

The Apple Samsung War is no way over. The decision by Judge Luch Koh slamming Samsung with a $1.05 billion fine is not going to stop Samsung nor Apple from continuing Lawsuits over each other. Now Apple have submitted a list of Samsung Phones to the US Court that it wants to be banned from US market.

Samsung smartphones

The list was submitted to Judge Lucy Koh by Apple of the phones that infringed Apple’ patent and could enter the ‘no entry’ list in the US Smartphones Market. The List includes

• Galaxy S 4G
• Galaxy S2 AT&T
• Galaxy S2 Skyrocket
• Galaxy S2 T-Mobile
• Galaxy S2 Epic 4G
• Galaxy S Showcase
• Droid Charge
• Galaxy Prevail

All of these are smartphones, most of them variants of the popular Samsung Galaxy S2 which is still selling in the US market. The list doesn’t include the Samsung Galaxy S3 which didn’t have any patent infringement slammed on it. Judging by how Apple thinks every smartphone is a patent infringement of their technology, Galaxy S3 should consider itself very LUCKY.

CNET showed a table of the smartphones and the patents they infringed.

list apple patent infringement

The Galaxy S 4G is labeled the biggest culprit with 7 patent infringements.

Apple says this list is only "to address a portion of the immediate, ongoing irreparable harm that Apple is suffering."

Considering how long it has been since Galaxy S 4G got in the market, why is it now that Apple pulled it up. Do they fear the unstoppable growth of Android, MAYBE!!

samsung fined 1.05 billion

While Samsung have been imposed a fine which is 1.5% of their annual revenue, it is still not fixed. It might be more or less considering how the situation develops in this legal war. As Samsung will take the case to higher courts to review the decision, Apple is pressing for the Court to triple the ban due to Samsung’s Cold Blooded Copying of its products. Seems like Apple wants to destroy Samsung, but wait, not just Samsung, Android as well!!!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Apple filed a case earlier this year against Galaxy Tab 10.1 and won the case as Samsung was found to infringe a design patent. The tab was banned by the court but Samsung tried to have that lifted on August 26 after the jury determined that it didn't infringe on the Apple design patent on which the banning was based. Instead the jury determined that Android tablet infringed on three of Apple's software patents.

Software patents means Google has been dragged into the case. While Google has staged itself away from the conflict, this matter requires Google’s Attention. Google stated,

“The court of appeals will review both infringement and the validity of the patent claims. Most of these don't relate to the core Android operating system, and several are being re-examined by the US Patent Office.”

The Proceedings of this conflict will grow interesting. We will keep you updated as things move on. Do share with us what you think of this WAR!!

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