How much it costs to be Batman.

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As the younger generation fantasizes the comic heroes, it is impossible to be one of those life-saving prodigies. The stunts super heroes perform are far from any humanly activity for their fans to imitate, but the fans still get their super-hero moment in any possible way they can, whether it is the Superman costume or just a glove with Wolverine claws. But people still believe that characters like ‘batman’ or ‘ironman’ are somewhat ‘gettable’. But what cost one has to pay to be a real-time superhero, let’s take batman for instance.
After the soaring success of the Dark Knight series, fans actually do want to step in those Batman boots, no literally, and get a feel of how it feels to be a batman in real life. But how easy would it be on the wallet? A little attention to details can help us answer the question.

Starting with the costume, the whole batman package would cost more than $1,050,000 that would include a $1,000,000 Graphite Cowl, $40,000 Memory Cloth Polymer Cape and a $10,000 Retinal Projection System, to name a few. It is indeed on big blow to the wallet to have such a suit in the wardrobe!
gadgets batman cost
Moving on, the gadgets and accessories the dark knight uses to save the day would roughly cost more than $210,000. This includes a $50,000 TPLS Grappling Hook Launcher, $50,000 Laser Microphone, $30,000 Portable Spectrometer and weapons including Batarang Throwing Stars, Exploding Batarangs, Remote Detonating Batarangs and many more.
batman vehicles cost
Even if this doesn’t suffice your super needs, then you can go for Batman’s collection of vehicles that would cost you a mere $80 million. But this package would include an $18 million Tumbler with a jet engine, self-destruct and stealth. The Batpod, steered by the shoulder movements would cost $1.5 million but the biggest piece of that price would be for the Bat, powered by 2 large propellers, and costing a massive $60 million.
                           batman training

The story just doesn’t end here. To operate such high mechanics and military gadgets, you will need training to make sure you know how to ‘do-it-all’! $500k would be required for the Military Pilot Training while another $500k would be for Special Firearms Training and yet another $500k for several engineering degrees that Bruce Wayne holds.
batman residenceIf you think this is a lot, the staggering amount of $600 million for the residence (Wayne Manor and the Bat Cave) has been excluded and also Alfred’s salary to shave off a big chunk of money. But if want to get it all, an amount of $682,450,750 would get you most of the things you know the Batman possesses. So if you think its easy to be a super hero and save lives like they do, I suggest you…………… think again!

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