iPhone 5 to be launched September 2012.

According to an unofficial news leak, apple plans the unveiling of iPhone 5 and iPod mini on September 12 , 2012 ! An awaited treat for the iPhone fans.
The iPhone 5 is expected to be launched on September 21 in the market.This would make the time difference between the two consecutive iPhone’s releases to be 11 months as the iPhone 4S was released in October 2011.Though the timing, secrecy and a huge leap in apple’s components purchase depict it to be THE ”iPhone 5 launch ceremony” yet no official comment has been made by apple regarding this mysterious fall event.
It has been apple’s tradition to launch its other products along with the iPhone.Similarly this year as well a new edition of the iPod mini is expected to be launched simultaneously.
The components’ pictures that were leaked  show a design not so similar to the concept iPhone 5 designs rumored earlier.These pictures are from a maintenance lab “iLab factory” which got hold of some pre release prototypes.It was heard that apple had 3.5 inch and 4 inch screen iPhones in the design phase but it seems that apple might be going with the 4 inch 16:9 screen version.Additionally all apple products including iPhone 5 are expected to have the smaller dock connectors says imore, an authority in apple products.The Guardian also reported that “the device will introduce a new 19-pin power and control connector on its base, dumping the 30-pin connector first introduced with the third-generation iPod in April 2003.”

  new iPhone 5                                        iPhone 5 leaked

Furthurmore a complete video showing various other components of the next generation iPhone was published by the ilab.

The alleged iPhone 5 !


  1. Samsung is S3 will be far better then iPhone 5(Worst ever mobile after using iPhone 4)......... Bad luck iPhone 5

  2. @Diwali Shayari
    We dont know whats in store yet.Lets hope for the best :)


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