Iron Man’s Suit..Can it be built?

Iron man SuitMarvel’s most popular and most followed Super Hero is none other then Iron Man. The franchise is extremely old and has given 3 flicks to the Cinema.Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr. in movies) is a Phd. In Electrical Engineering and a multimillionaire genius who decides to take up crime fighting defense of earth from aliens using his special suit that he builds ( and he absolutely kicks butt with it) and becomes Iron Man. Some of you who have seen the movies know just exactly how AWESOME the suit is. The question that arises is that with the modern technology of this era, is it possible to build a suit like the one in the picture

Lets analyze the suit a little bit. Well for starters it is red and golden in color, gives the wearer super strength and can shoot beams from its hands. Here we also need to remember the power source of the suit, the Arc reactor. Some other features include the jets in the feet of the suit that propels the suit in the air and the integrated computer that syncs with Tony's brain and moves the suit according to it.Adding to that is a helmet mounted display that help Mr. Stark control the thing properly. Not going into the complexities, lets see if the modern tech has something that is near to Mr. Stark’s suit.

Iron man helmet display

 Lets start with the helmet with display. This technology is already in production phase with new helmets being made for the F35’s. These helmet are latest tech. is quite close to the Iron man helmet.

Sarcos Iron man

NEXT UP is the Exoskeleton. Exoskeleton is suit that increase strength of the wearer by applying all the force that the wearer had to if he was not wearing the suit. This tech, although not as refined as Iron Man’ suit, is in development phase. The usage of this suit has been to augment disabled people in their movements and some military applications as well.

Sarcos, American engineering and robotics firm, recently said that its second-generation exoskeleton robot suit, XOS 2, is now five years away from production. They state,

The wearable robotics suit augments the operator's strength by using a system of high-pressure hydraulics, sensors, actuators, and controllers to bear the weight of an object, while leaving its wearer agile enough to kick a soccer ball.

NASA power source

Power source of the suit, the infamous arc reactor, is obviously something that hasn’t been built but there is something close to it. NASA’s Curiosity is currently using a Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (MMRTG), which will power its large robotic body and lab for years with a small nuclear power source. Though not as small as the Arc reactor stark built in a dungeon, it is something very close to it.

Iron man's jet pack

The Jets in the boots of the suit are essential for the suit to fly. Regarding jets, scientists have been skeptical. Jet packs are not known for their smooth flying and have a relative size, that certainly cant fit in one’s shoes. So the jets do exist but not that small.

Robert Downey Jr.

The Brain sync part is tricky. Not much has been developed in this department yet. E. Paul Zehr, professor of kinesiology and neuroscience, and author of the recently published Inventing Iron Man: The Possibility of A Human Machine, says

The tricky part is how do we get the interface so that it can work like it’s a seamless part human body, not something you just put on but rather something you interact with directly.

The other thing that also need attention is the material required to build the suit. Titanium might be the best option due to its capability to bear high impacts. Regarding the beams and the lasers, some things just need to stay in COMICS!!

All this combined, the estimate of this suit will be around $US 100 million which isn't as intimidating as it sounds cause most fighter planes cost this much also.

Only time will tell if the suit can be invented just like you see it in the movies!


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