Move objects like the Jedi with ‘star wars' Force gloves.

jedi star warsThe star wars has been a source of epic imaginative ingenuity for science fiction and fantasy lovers around the globe. It has settled a trend of its own when it comes to space beings and universal adventures, coining quite a many terms in the sci fiction genre. In fact it gave a new concept of Jadism to the modern world. Talking about the Jedi's, we all know of their special abilities which included moving objects with The Force. Thanks to technology for vesting Jedi like powers (quite limited though) in our hands !

star wars Glove
The toy company Uncle Milton has developed a gadget glove which they have introduced as The Force Glove. This glove gives fans their own version of the Jedi effect via magnetic field. The glove has a magnet placed in its palm which attracts or repel objects based on magnetic polarity. One side of the magnet is embossed with the Imperial Crest and the other side with the Rebel Alliance Logo.Scientifically speaking what it means is that if you set it to a forward polarity it will attract the focused magnetic object towards itself and will push it away in reverse field. Which means that you can actually move object back and forth without touching them ! Cool as a Jedi isn’t it ?  

As it is stated at Uncle Milton : “ Harness the power of the force, like Anakin Skywalker, to push away a Droid and pull in a Lightsaber . Do you have the power to control the force ? “

The product comes with a magnetic base and two targets, one with Droids and one with Lightsabers. Depending on which way you have the magnet set, as I mentioned above, the glove will either push or pull the target.  Believe it or not It makes my childhood fantasies come to life !

One thing that renders its usefulness, other than being fans’ personal Jedi credentials, is that its marketed as an ‘educational’ product.It provide kids a good touch and feel of how magnetism works. So if you are really looking forward to teaching your kid (or to be honest, want to bring your fantasy to life) then go for this thing and move things the Jedi way !
star wars glove
The Glove is available at around $18 from various online stores such as amazon and Neato shop. 

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