NASA’s ‘Curiosity’ : The most efficient Mars Rover ever.

NASA mars rover
The final countdown to the space event of the year has begun.All breaths are stopped as NASA’s most advanced mars rover makes its final moves to descend upon the Martian land.The touchdown will be on august 5, 2012 10:31 pm pacific time. ‘Curiosity’ as it is named, was launched from earth in November 2011. It is a 10 feet long, 9 feet wide and 7 feet tall mobile laboratory designed to investigate the historic presence of organic life on our neighboring planet. Due to its humungous size (for a rover) and harsh climatic conditions on the destination planet, NASA has named Curiosity’s landing period as ‘The seven minutes of terror’.

During the touchdown process it will decelerate from 13000 miles an hour to zero in seven seconds. Using precision landing technology Curiosity will land inside the Gale crater which is a much more intriguing terrain than the landing locations of previous mars missions.One of the reasons behind this choice of terrain was that scientists believe that this deep walled crater might contain ancient traces of water and other life supporting elements.During its 23 month exploration the rover will analyze dozens of rock samples using high tech scientific instruments contributed by renowned space labs across the globe.It carries a whole set of instruments ranging from devices that measure radiation, detect carbon and use lasers to vaporize and analyze minerals.This science payload is ten times as massive as those of earlier mars rovers.
mars Gale crater
The Gale Crarter

History and Future:
Scientists believe that mars was once a warm planet with water and other life supporting conditions.As John Grotzinger, chief scientist for the overall mission at the mars science laboratory, says  ”There was a big event in the history of mars where it went from being a warm planet, wet planet, that possibly could have been amenable to life, to one that’s harsh and extreme”.How and why Mars went through this drastic climatic change ? and what made it possible for mars to be warm enough for water to flow billions of years ago ? These are the  mysteries to be explored by the soon to land rover.

How will it effect us ?
The findings of this mission will also help to prepare for the first manned mission to mars planned in 2030’s. Due to high expectations , future missions dependency and NASA’s $ 2.5 billion that are at stake, this Mars mission is of crucial importance.

For Live telecast from mars of this event log onto : NASA !

Here is the video of the ‘seven minutes of terror’ :
Curiosity’s seven minutes of terror.


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