New FIFA 13 released Trailer for Gamescom 2012

Fifa 13 Lionel Messi

Fifa is one of the oldest franchises by EA sports and has been a success for the EA Games sports section. The FIFA series has been running since 1994 and has provided a new game each year with improvements to make the gameplay more closer to reality. It has also modified with the consoles and the increase in technology available for Gaming. With the Next Fifa set to release on September 28th, 2012, Fifa has released a Trailer just before the Gamescom 2012.

The EA Games have released the video few days before the largest trade fair of games where companies show off their games. The event, taking place in the city of Cologne, Germany has 275,000 visitors, more than 5,000 journalists and 557 exhibitors from 39 countries attending the show making it the largest gathering of Gamers and Gaming lovers.

The trailer shows starts with the trademark run of Lionel Messi through the Real Madrid defense while a spanish commentator shouts as he wriggles through the defenders and scores a typical chip goal making the comentator yell a long ‘gggggooooooooaaaaaall’.

The trailer highlights other features of the game like better ‘ first touch’ control where you can flick the ball in the air to create a volley for a shot. It also includes sleek dribbling skills and a new ‘ attacking intelligence features’ that enhances the ‘off the ball’ running feature in pervious FIFA.

Adding to that, you’ll get match day updates from Alan McInally during your match and score updates from Mike West afterwards so that your are updated with score lines in other grounds. It has been stated that performance of a player will change in the match according to his form during the match. This feature will surely be an improvement to the previous player form features. There’s custom free-kicks option (with two lay-offs), shuffling walls, Ultimate Team and more. The demo’s out on September 11th and is set to reveal many secrets about the game esp. the most awaited game engine. Check Out the end of  EA Sports FIFA series: New and Improved Every Year for more FIFA 13 features.

FIFA 13 Gamescom
FIFA 13 New Trailer

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