Nokia to unveil Windows Phone 8 plans on September 5 Press Conference

Nokia Windows Phone 8

The Smartphones market is hot these days with several companies on the verge of releasing their new phones like Apple’s iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Sony’s Xperia TX. Currently the market is under the complete control of Android Phones with Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Leading the sales. iOS is also in power with its smooth and easy to use interface. While Android and iOS battle it out in the market, Nokia has decided to enter the market and is set to unveil its new OS, Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft, which is the actual creator of this OS, and Nokia have sent out invitations for a press conference on September 5.

nokia lumia press conference

The companies will be setting out their plans for the new Windows Phone 8 OS and the their Next Phone that will hold this OS. There were rumors that Nokia will be unveiling some sort of ‘layout’ for the Windows Phone 8. It looks like its finally here. Although this news is also a rumor but it is very likely that Nokia will be unveiling the New OS.

This Press Conference comes just before the Biggest Nokia Event, Nokia World. This event will surely mark the curtain raiser for the new Windows Phone 8 OS. Regarding the Phone that will have this OS, surely an addition to the Lumia Series, will be released by the End of September, 2012.

The Invitation shows the Nokia Maps on it, signifying that there will be a lot of discussion regarding the software. Although this is true, a large amount of questions will be thrown regarding the Tech. of the Next Lumia.

Nokia phi leaked photo

Recently a leak photo came on the Internet which showed a 4.3” display with a sleek design and its rumored name was Nokia Phi. This has created a lot of hype and people will surely want to see a high feature phone with at least a dual core and 1GB ram to compete in the market.

Here is a video introducing Windows Phone 8 Start Screen

Windows phone start screen
Windows Phone 8 start screen

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