Play Station 4 to Support an Enormous Ultra HD 4K resolution

PlayStation 4 with 4000pixels

Sony took control of the gaming consoles market with its series of Play stations starting in the late 1990’s. The company has released 3 consoles uptil now and the next console is already being speculated about. The recent news regarding Sony’s next Game machine, PlayStation 4 is that it will be supporting a 4K resolutions.

sony gaming consoles

The rumors from an inside source from Sony reveals that the next PS4 could be out in the market with a massive 4000 pixel resolutions which will create Ultra HD visuals.

pixel size diagram

Currently the max. resolutions in gaming consoles is 1920 x 1080 pixels, that is the standard HD available in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. These new resolutions will be  3840 x 2160 pixels. This will be double the size of the current HD output of 1080p.

Is this possible? Yes it is very much possible. This technology is already there in the market with its usage I Cinematography. To bring in to a TV,however, is a different story but Sony have it all planned.
80-inch XBR LED televisio

This rumor is in line with the series of 4K pixel TV, 80-inch XBR LED television, that Sony is going to release near the Holidays. Sony is also selling its 4K resolution Blu-ray players for $200. All this might be preparation for the next PlayStation.

All this might look like ‘all about the next PlayStation’ but it is the other way round as well. Sony will try to promote Ultra HD through the PS4 in order to gain strong control over the TV market. Sony has done it in the past when it launched a Blu-ray player in PS3 which was at one time the cheapest way to get a blu-ray player.

While all this looks very shiny, there is a dark side to it as well.

The devices, apart from this HD TV will be able to support this console. Although it might run on lower resolutions, what's the use of buying a 4K HD support and play on a a 480p.

The second problem will be the size of the games that will be released on such enormous pixels. While the AAA games are currently doing well on HD display, doubling the pixels will not only require larger data storing devices for games but a stronger unit to process it and run it without lags.

The 4K resolutions will require a lot of juice in the machine. This will clearly increase the cost of the PlayStation which will surely disappoint gamers. The next PlayStation is rumored to hold a quad-core 3.2GHz AMD Fusion APU, 2GB RAM, and a Radeon HD 7900-series graphics processor which might just do the trick…

The next PlayStation is not set to be released before 2015, making its release date set after 2 years of the Xbox 720. Although 4K resolutions might be a little risky but by the time of its release, the scenario might be different.

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