Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X : Latest Review

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One XInto the world of android and quad cores begins a series of powerful smartphones for the future user. Both HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3 are in-market examples of such technology.Both these phones hold extravagant features that have attracted users’ attention like never before.But when it comes to making a decisive choice, it becomes hard to prefer one over the other as both phones come in quite a similar features bundle.Though there are few, but significant differences which cater different needs of different categories of users.Lets take a look of this in-depth review of both.
Update: HTC has released an android update along with sense 4.1 update for HTC One X.

Here is a head to head comparison of both phones.

Phone Samsung S3 HTC One X
Price $550 $500
OS Android (ice cream sandwich) Android (ice cream sandwich 4.0.4)
Interface Samsung Touchwiz HTC Sense 4.1
Processor 1.4 Ghz quad core 1.5 Ghz quad core
Networks 3G (HSPDA/CDMA)
Edge/2G (GSM/GPRS)
Screen 4.8 inch, 1280x720,HD Super AMOLED 4.7 inch,1280x720,HD Super LCD
Memory 2 GB  RAM, 16 GB ROM 1 GB RAM , 16 GB ROM
Expansion slot micro SD No
Keypad options
Touch ​Screen ​Keypad
Touch ​Screen ​Keypad
Camera 8 MP back, 1.9 MP front 8 MP main, 1.3 MP back
Video resolution 1080p HD 1080p HD
Voice Command Samsung S Voice Google Voice actions
Sensors Accelerometer
Digital Compass
Digital Compass


The HTC One X comes in a single block of polycarbonate material giving it a sturdy feel.Despite its 4.7inch screen the One X is quite thin at 0.36in and has a smooth and firm grip.Whereas the S3 with a metallic body outshines its predecessors in touch and feel.Its even more thinner than One X at 0.34in.It’s gives a more shiny and glossy look.
Though S3 has a slight edge on the looks the One x seems more durable.

HTC one x
HTC One x
Samsung-Galaxy S3
SAMSUNG   Galaxy S3


Both smartphones posses computing capabilities beyond the need of any present phone software.Though they exhibit the potential of the next generation of smartphones.With 1.5 Ghz processor and 1GB RAM the HTC One X is a power machine,it doesn’t seem to have the slightest delay even while running multiple power-hungry applications.

Samsung S3

The S3 doesn’t fall behind either with a 1.4 Ghz processor and 2GB RAM.It gives a smooth app functionality and transition between multiple applications.On practical use no difference in performance can be observed in either set.

htc one x

Operating System & Software:

Here again both phones run parallel with android 4.0 ice cream sandwich as their initial OS. BUT ! HTC has recently updated its OS version to android 4.0.4 giving an improved user experience regarding camera,in-house apps and most importantly the Touch !

Despite having the same OS version, S3 and One X have different user interface and features.This is due to the integration of Samsung’s touchwiz and HTC’s Sense soft wares with the OS.

S3 comes in with a wide range of application software making the UI look like over done.These include some impressive ones like the S Beam and pop up play.The S Beam lets users share almost anything of any size by just bring two S Beam phones in close proximity to each other.S3 claims a data transfer rate of 1 GB in 3 min via NFC technology.

Where as the pop up play allows the users to continue watching videos in a short window while texting or any other activity.The phone interaction in this regard is very user friendly.

The S3 does have some apps which do not give the desired results as optimally as expected.An example is the S Voice Service which is something like the iPhone siri. But it takes more than 1 attempts at times to get things done.The user might prefer the physical interaction.

Sense 4.1 will provide users with better memory management, camera performance and an improved user interface.Things will just get even better for the One X users.


The S3 boasts a 8 MP main camera with zero lag.And a 1.9 MP front camera which can record 1080p HD videos.The camera has a pretty fine result and what's remarkable is that it captures motion pictures with great clarity as well.

The One X has a similar 8MP main camera but has a slightly less 1.3MP front camera.Though its not as good with motion pictures yet its photography features are quite astonishing : As HTC has enhanced its software to take burst photos (99 at a time) if you keep the camera button pressed.And it can take photos at the same time as making a video.

Battery and Storage:

The S3 has a distinct edge over the One x in the battery section.The S3 includes a 2100 mAh removable battery that by far surpasses the One x’s 1800 mAh non removable one.
Additionally S3 comes with 16GB,32GB and 64GB options.plus it offers a micro SD slot for further up gradation.

The One x comes with a default fix 32GB storage space but One x owners are granted 25GB of free storage on Dropbox which means that users don’t have to worry about additional storage.

The Verdict:

That being said its time for the final verdict: Looking at both phones we can say that it depends upon the user’s priority which feature he/she is willing to sacrifice for the other.If a removable battery and storage above 32 GB are their key requirements then Samsung S3 is surely the way to go.
But if a user has a normal use i.e a day long battery backup with a modest within 32GB data need then the sturdy HTC One x will keep impressing them with its amazing features and regular software updates !


  1. Hi nice post. I want to buy a good smart phone from the BB 10, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Can you compare them as well?

  2. @indianist
    Thank you mate.Well we are waiting for iPhone 5's official launch expected this month.You'll get a descriptive review of both these phones soon.


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