Top 5 Games of 2012 so far

The Gaming World is always interesting to follow with New Games coming the taking the market by storm and Gamers anticipating for the next one. This year has been no different. Here are the games released in 2012 that are topping the list this year.

5.Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Platform: PS3, Xbox
Developers: Ubisoft
IGN Rating: 8.5
Sales: 1.02 million

The game is the fifth installment of the famous Ghost Recon series. It is a third person shooter game and shifts to first person when aiming for shots. The game has several new features including ‘taking cover’ and stealth mode. The stealth mode is only useful when you move slowly and you become visible in fast action. Although you control one person in the game, the game runs with team mates and only using team work can you complete missions. The game has superb story line and several variables to play with but lacks in detailing of faces and poor dialogues.

4. journey

journey ps3

Developer: Thatgamecompany
Platform: PS3
IGN rating: 9

This game was launched by Sony network and can be played online. It is more subtle and calm then all the shooting and thrashing in modern games. You have to travel to a mountain with a light on top of it and on the way you experience different scenarios. The game links you up with anonymous players whom you can communicate with wordless shouts and nothing more. The music and the ambience are so well catered that the game looks absolutely perfect.

3. Diablo 3

 Diablo 3

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Platform:  PC
IGN Rating: 9.5
sales: 2.6 million

The game is the third part of the famous Diablo series. The game is like other games of blizzard, you control your character using commands screen ( like DOTA). The game has been release 12 years after its 2nd part, Diablo 2 which was released in 2000. The wait was worth it though, the game has several path and tricks and algorithms you can follow. You can build up your inventory and buy useful items to upgrade your character. Multiplayer is also good and you can invite players from your blizzard.net list to help you over.

2. Mass effect 3

Mass effect 3

developer: bioWare
Platform: PC, XBOX, PS3
IGN rating: 9.5
sales: 2.3 million
The game is the third in the series of the MASS EFFECT series which concludes the story of Commander Shepherd. Earth is attacked by Reapers who intend to destroy all organic Life. What you have to do is gather all resources and fight. Sounds easy to the ears, but it isn't. The story is well integrated and you have to work around, having conversations with different characters to completely understand the game.

1.Max payne 3

max payne 3

Publisher: Rockstar Vancouver
Platform: PC, Xbox, PS3
IGN rating: 9
sales: 1 million (till now)

THe game is the theird in the series of famous series Max Payne. The game also influenced a movies as well. The plot sets 10 years after the events of Max Payne 2 when Max has left NYPD and ends up working as a private security officer. The gameplay is third person shooter and has old features like ‘bullet time’ in which you can see which bullet went where and Last-Stand in which you can shoot the person who shot you even after loosing all health. The game has excellent dodge-jump mechanics and with an enthralling story, it is surely topping the list.

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