A Washable Keyboard : Logitech’s solution for dirty QWERTYs.

Logitech washable keyboardWhen was the last time you changed your dirty and sticky keyboard ? Or perhaps you still beat the keys out of your stuck keyboard just because you spilled your soda all over it. Well..worry no more as your problem has just been solved. And this time PERMANENTLY !
Earlier today Logitech, the leading hardware manufacturer, announced its latest Keyboard K310. This is not like your average daily use electronically sensitive keyboard infact it’s a sturdy yet elegant pad with which you can get away with your routine soda and coffee spills. Just like every time Logitech has managed to enhance the user experience with its innovative ideas.

The Swiss PC accessories maker’s new Logitech K310 washable keyboard promises not only to take on the routine user’s rough handling but also their casual food or coffee spills. Got your keyboard dirty ? Unplug it from your pc and give it a bath in the sink for a minute or two (or maybe more depending on the mess you have made) ,it’ll come out as brand new as it was on the first day. Dry it with a towel and you are ready to type again. To avoid fading of the keys from excessive washing Logitech has laser printed and UV coated all the keys.  The holes at the bottom help the water to escape and get the keyboard dried quickly by letting air to pass.
Logitech washable keyboard

The keyboard can withstand water till a depth of 30 cm and 50 degree C. But remember not to put it in a dishwasher as you cant let the cable get wet. The keyboard can also bear over 5 million key strokes (sturdy yet elegant). Addtionally it has twelve hot keys for instant internet access, email, play, volume and a function key with which you can open your recent documents.It comes with a plug and play feature and its compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It has a 3 year limited warranty and the package includes a keyboard, brush and user manual.

I’d say Logitech has taken our typing comfort to the next level. How many times do I remember cleaning the crumbs off my keyboard with an old toothbrush. Gosh those days are finally over. I cant wait till our laptops also come packed with this featured keyboard.

The new Logitech’s keyboard will be available in US at a suggested price of $39.99. It will be launched in Europe in October.

Happy typing !

Logitech Washable Keyboard K310

If you face similar problems with your keyboard and have some useful tips that might come handy then you are welcome to share them with us below in the comment section.

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