Megapixel in Cameras: More than Enough

Nokia Pure View 808

A smartphone is released or a digital Camera is launched, what would be the first question in your mind? Surely the Megapixel Count. This is the general consumer trend to judge a Camera but is it the right indicator? Surely Not

iPhone 5 camera

To Judge a Camera, you will have to go a bit techsavvy and find out about other features of the Camera.

Pixel Stands for pictures Element and Mega Pixel means 1 million Pictures Element. Now this would mislead you as you might think higher the no. of picture elements, better the detail. Yes! is it true but not Entirely

Lets say you have a picture taken from a powerful 10 MP Digital Camera and you view it in your Monitor or Smartphone screen, what you view is a ‘fit to window’ version of that picture and often the orginal size is larger then your screen, thus wasting most of the pixels. When it comes down to taking pictures for sharing on Facebook or making a bedside photo, Large and Huge Megapixels are not required.

Chris MacAskill, chief executive of SmugMug, a Web site that hosts photos and lets users print them.

"The trouble is megapixels stopped mattering once we passed 6 of them," MacAskill said. "One in a million shots would benefit from more than 6 megapixels.

Here is the list of Megapixel and there Corresponding resolution size to view on.

Megapixel to Resolution

Sensor and Lighting

image processor

Another confusing matter for most people is how a phone with smaller megapixels give out a better photo then one with huge pixel count. The Answer to this story lies in the Size of the Sensor.

Sensor is like the ‘film’ that was put it old cameras. It captures light and sends the electronic signal forward which processes it and creates an image. In Short, larger the sensor, more light comes in and better the image.

Lets give you an example.

Lets say you are moving your house and want the mover to move your stuff from one room to another. Assume that the door is the sensor, Movers who are coming in to pick the boxes and Pixels as the boxes. Now the door( Sensor) is small, new movers cant come it and pic boxes( which means light cant come in ). The other problem will the that if you have many boxes, it will be difficult for movers to go from one room to another ( meaning high pixels will cause reduced light entrance)

So in short, small sensor and high megapixels = Average Image Quality.
Easiest way to pick this is by comparing a 10 MP image of DigiCam with any 10 MP smartphone Image as smartphones have smaller sensors.

"If you try to cram more pixels into the same amount of space, you risk getting signal degradation because you're not getting as much light into the same pixel," said Chris Crotty, an analyst with iSuppli.

Image Processing

Apple Core A6

You take a photo with a Camera and the processor cant give the output that the camera is capable of, then again, megapixels wont count. Smartphone manufacturers pay special attention to their image processing, with Apple on its iPhone 5 launch claimed the Phone had 50% faster processing rate as compared to its predecessor. The photos you take largely depend on how they got processed and if your device has got the juice, the picture will be good.

IF all the Above is true than why do people bother to buy a DSLR? Well because its for professionals and imaging that require high definition e.g. taking a picture for a billboard or a magazine.

So If you want to buy a camera or judge a smartphone camera, do look at its sensor and image processing capabilities before you go for it. Generally, an 8 MP Camera is more then enough for daily life applications and photo sharing.

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