Hitachi announces Quartz Glass: Can withstand 2000 deg. Celsius

Hitachi quartz glass

Hitachi today announced a gadget which can transform the data storage methods of today. The Quartz glass can practically outlive humans on this planet with a capability to store the data for millions of years.


The prototype quartz glass storage device measures just two centimetres (0.8 inches) square and just two millimetres (0.08 inches) thick.

The Quartz glass is a water and heat resistant device to store data. Hitachi wrote the data onto the device using lasers. The data was ‘engraved’ into four layers of the glass making it an impregnable data storage. Hitachi plans to bring it in the market by 2015

Quartz Glass is a complete package with infinite storage life unless it is broken. The data storage per square inch of this Glass is almost the same as a Compact Disc (CD)

The data is etched on the glass in the form of Binary code and can easily be read using a microscope.
Hitachi is developing the technology in conjunction with a research lab at Kyoto University. It plans to target the enterprises that have huge amounts of data to store. Hitachi spokeswoman said,

"Initially this will be aimed at companies that have large amounts of important data to preserve, rather than individuals”

This is not the first attempt by scientists to find a data storage medium that is reliable and long lasting with Harvard research team who stored a book on a DNA. This quartz glass tech. is however much more near to completion then DNA storage methods.


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