Sony releases Slim PlayStation 3 Console with 250 & 500 GB HDD

Playstation 3 slim

Sony announced the global release of their Slim Versions of PlayStation 3 just before the Tokyo Games Show. The new Version comes with either UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, Dust 514 or Assasin’s Creed 3

PlayStation 3 black

Sony released their most famous Gaming Console in a all new slim model featuring various HDD versions and 2 colors including a Charcoal Black and Classic White. PlayStation 3 slim is most probably the last big change the Gaming Gadget will ever have as time for the next PlayStation comes close which will be challenged by Xbox 720

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House introduced the new model, calling it 50 percent smaller than the original (rather large) PS3, and 25 percent smaller than the previous slimmed-down version

classic white PS3 slim

The PS3 comes in different hard drive versions. The release dates of Hard drive versions in different regions and their prices are as follows

PS3 slim pricing

The slim version of the PS3 comes with the Blu-ray player in order to make it versatile enough to watch movies.

For the 12GB flash memory version ( wallet friendly ps3 version), gamers will be able to attach an external Hard drive to the PlayStation 3 while 250 GB and 500 GB versions can be connected with a SATA internal Hard drive.

The specs of PlayStation and Firmware remain the same as its FAT model.
Sony is not expected to set an official Recommended retail price in the UK, where it will let retail to determine its own pricing.

The company also confirmed that its PlayStation Mobile platform will launch on Oct 3. The service offers PlayStation certified games on compatible Android handsets and tablets, and will roll out in the US, Canada, Germany, Australia and Japan.

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