Sony Reveals 84-inch 4K resolution TV at IFA Berlin 2012

sony IFA 2012

IFA Berlin has been a real eye Catcher for tech followers with big releases like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Sony Xperia series phones. Sony has not just stopped at smart phones, it has unveiled its latest tech. in TVs with the release of their 84-inch 4K resolution TV.

sony Bravia 84 inch 4K resolutions

Sony announced and raised the curtain over the new TV which prove the rumors right that Sony wants to push consumers towards ultra HD and even plans to release its Sony PlayStation 4 Gaming Console with a 4000 Pixel resolution output.

pixel size diagram

Sony unveiled the TV with a mighty 4K (3,840 by 2,160 pixels) resoltionsm which is twice the current HD (at 1920x1080p) resolution supports. The 4K Bravia KD-84X9005 is 84” LED, a very large size for home users but Sony has promised to provide smaller versions of this huge Ultra HD tech.

Bravia 4K resolutions

This is clearly a new era in the world of TV. Sony first tried to shift consumers to 3D TV and it has brought a new technology to the market in try to shift customers to this tech. Although there has been nothing that has been made at Ultra HD level, the revolution has began with a Taylor Swift Video that has been released in 4K resolutions.

Phil Molyneux, chief operating officer of Sony Electronics, said,

“We always get this question when we launch beautiful new technology: Where’s the content? … Did we bring the content to market? Yes, we did.”

How successful will this Tech be? That is doubtful.

journalist Geoffrey Morrison of CNET says,

“human eye can’t see the difference between 4K and garden-variety 1080p video, especially when shown on TVs in the sizes that are typical for in-home use.”

If this is true, this TV tech might also never touch the potential it had and go stagnant at sometime. We will have to wait to find out

PRICING hasn’t been made public yet and TV will be available in the market in December this year.

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