The Xbox 720 Launch might be delayed due to Processor problem

Microsoft has been working day and night to produce its next Xbox in the coming year i.e. 2013. Several Specs of the Xbox 720 were leaked which showed a powerful device ready to take over the market. Unfortunately, Microsoft are facing manufacturing problems for the Processors to be used in Xbox 360 which might delay the launch of the device.

Xbox 720 release

The news was broken by SemiAccurate claiming that Xbox are facing problems in getting the new chips to pass their testing phase. The report claimed the situation didn’t look good for Microsoft.

AMD processors Xbox 720

Codenamed ‘Oban’, this new chipset for the Next Generation Xbox is being manufactured by AMD while the Xbox 360 had chipsets of IBM. Rumored to be the AMD 6000 series GPU, this processor is facing problems of ‘very few chips’ getting cleared for usage and Microsoft has to do whatever it can before 1st November to improve the scenario before sending it for mass production

Microsoft plan to release the Xbox 720 by September 2013 but for that to happen, they need to send their devices full and complete into mass production (assembling) by November 1 and that is not very far!!!

Microsoft is trying to get the situation under control by increasing the manufacturing of the chips so that gamers all over the world don’t have to wait more. Another leak in response to the leak by semiAccurate stated that there is some slack” in Microsoft’s production schedule, and that even a six to eight week delay wouldn’t be enough to push back the next Xbox’s launch.

Although all this sounds very disappointing for gamers and Xbox fans all over the world, its still a rumour. Even if its true, Microsoft will do its best to get the device out in time. Microsoft knows the importance of ‘even a few weeks delay’ in the world of technology and gadgets.

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