Amazon Unveils Kindle Fire HD

With the release of the new Kindle Fire HD moments ago , Amazon has proved itself as a continuous rising competitor of the tablet market in the US. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos revealed a tablet with the best wi-fi ever introduced in any tablet before. The new Kindle Fire HD has a faster processor with double the ram of its predecessor. Its battery time is even longer than before and it can be ordered right away for $159 !

Yes, the next generation of Kindle Fire has fired up the market with its all new amazing features. From look to touch, screen to sound , its evident that Amazon has extensively worked to designed its every feature with utmost perfection and delicacy. As the CEO Jeff Bezo said “This year, we want to have the best tablet at any price.”
Okay so here are the features : It’s 8.8mm thick with 8.9 inch in length and it weighs 20 0z. It has 254 ppi display with in-plane switching. And it has an advance true wide polarizing filter. Amazon has laminated the touch sensor to on top of the display to reduce glare (better viewing with a better contrast as well !). Its has Bluetooth capability as well.  And to user’s relief The Kindle Fire HD has a storage of 16 GB.
Talking about the unique features of this tablet: While making fun of the iPad’s single speaker Jeff told us that the new tablet has Dolby Digital plus’s dual stereo speakers. Further the Amazon CEO laid special stress on the importance of high quality wi-fi in devices. To enhance wifi capability Amazon has made Kindle Fire HD to incorporate  MIMO ( a complex hardware exclusively designed for high quality wireless communication. With dual band 2.4 Ghz and 5Ghz antennas Jeff Bezo stated that Kindle Fire HD’s wifi is 41 % faster than that of the iPad.
Its coming in two different sizes. The 7” version costing $159 and the 8.9” version costing $299. Orders begin today and shipment starts September 14.
So it leaves us tempting whether to go for this awesome and cheap tablet or wait for the smaller and allegedly cheaper iPad !

Amazon aired this Add last night


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