Apple Official Announcement: Event on September 12th for iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 event

With Samsung, HTC and Sony announcing smartphones in the market, it is the turn of Apple. The US based smartphone giants have sent out an official invite on September 12, 2012.

Apple iPhone 5 invitation

The invitations have dished out to the media of an event in San Francisco on September 12th at 10AM PT at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. This is surely the arrival of the new iPhone 5. The invite sent out says,
"It's almost here."

apple iPhone 5 rumor

The date confirms the rumor of the September 12 announcement which was all over the internet. The rumor included the shipping out date of the iPhone 5 to be 21st september 2012.

The new iPhone has been heavily rumored with different features like a 4” screen with retina display, (standard in iPhones) and a smaller dock connectors!!

Unfortunately there will be no Youtube in the iPhone,

Apple as per its traditions would be releasing an iPod with the iPhone. For the iPad Mini, Apple is set to hold a separate event in Oct. 2012

It is also expected that the preorders for the iPhone 5 will begin the same day.

What the iPhone 5 will bring to the smartphone market. We have to wait and see.

We will keep you updated regarding all that happenings about the new iPhone.

Do share with us how you feel about the new iPhone.!!


  1. It cant match the Galaxy SIII any way. If it does....Samsung should sue Apple

  2. dude the competition is about to get hot.lol
    i am waiting to hear Samsung's comments on the new release.

  3. Get ready to empty your wallets if you want this new Apple Toy

  4. @ Edge : I think samsung will sue apple for the 4G LTE network phones cause Samsung has alot of patents of that tech
    @ jawedtechy: Bro very true...It will be costly for sure. After all its iPhone you are buying

  5. Samsung is way over their heads..they can never beat apple no matter if they sue apple.the iphone is the best smartphone out there..period!!

  6. Share how you feel - Yesterdays Tech Tomorrow!
    4" screen Welcome to 2010..
    A new Dock connector! Umm bluetooth?
    LTE - Again not pushing any envelopes here.
    Apple needs to come out with something better then these items. A new dock connector? Seriously?


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