Apple Search Result show iPhone 5, iTunes and iPods will be released by Apple

iphone 5 search result

Go to the Apple, type ‘iPhone 5’ in the search bar and you will be surprised to see the 3rd search result, it’s the iPhone 5. Apple has made blunder by unveiling the name of their new phone after keeping it secret for so long.

apple search result

Apple website is showing all the products that Apple is announcing today. There are also links of the pages that will be updated once the ceremony is over.

The search results show a new Version of the iTunes for the iOS 6 and 2 iPods, iPod Touch and iPod Nano. Although all these links are inactive, it is very unlike Apple to leave such a loophole after trying to make their next Phone’s name a secret.

There is nothing regarding the specs but it does confirm that Apple are calling their new Phone iPhone 5.
Previous rumors suggest that Apple will release the Phone with 5 rows of apps in the iOS, a new smart You Tube app and 4G LTE Connectivity.

Will apple’s announcement be good enough to match the likes of Nokia Lumia and Samsung’s ATIV S Phones,stay tuned to find out.

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