Angry Birds makers release Bad Piggies for iOS, Mac, PC and Android

Rovio, developers of popular game franchise Angry Birds went a step ahead with the release of their new game Bad Piggies. The game is based on the villains of Angry birds and has been released on several platforms including iOS, Mac, PC and Android.

Bad Piggies release was yesterday and the game is already hit the top spot in most of US app stores including Apple Store. This signifies the popularity the game has achieved in just few hours among smartphone users.

Bad Piggies is based on the Piggies that were in the structures we had to destroy. On the Contrary, the game is based on construction. Staged in Piggy Island, What you have to do is construct machines that can help the Piggies move through the Island. They can be flying, crashing or rolling machines, What ever you want to build from the 33 given parts in the game.

The machine build is then used to steer through the levels and collect eggs in order to complete the level.
The game is based completely on testing your construction skills opposite to the destruction skills of Angry birds. Constructing your devices to take your through the levels, the game has total 60 levels to challenge your mind. 30 additional levels are unlocked if all 60 levels are unlocked with 3 stars.

Rovio plans to released updates and a Windows Phone version is also set to release in sometime.

The game is available now in the Apple App Store and Google Play for $0.99. Here’s hoping the birds don’t get angrier as these pigs try to steal the show.


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