Verizon release Samsung Galaxy SIII Developer Edition

Galaxy S3 developer edition

Samsung today made the developer edition of Samsung Galaxy SIII available through Verizon. The device has been exclusively made for American based Carrier after Verizon sold phones with a locked bootloader when Galaxy SIII was released.

Verizon galaxy s3

Verizon released the Galaxy SIII with a locked bootloader, causing a large hue in cry from the users. This led to Samsung announcing a developer edition for Verizon which unfortunately will not be offered with a contract from Verizon (means you have to buy it from one time payment)

samsung galaxy s3

Costing at $599 for the 16 GB version and $649 for the 32 GB version, the Developer edition has no difference in the hardware or the software of the smartphone, thus making the offer very less attractive.

unlocked bootloader Galaxy s3

Another reason why this device might not have sales is the fact that developers managed to unlock the Verizon bootloader in August. This destroys the main reason for this special edition release and so it is very unlikely that sales of this edition will be good.

What the problem if a bootloader is locked? Oh its simple. It is the way you cant root your device nor install Custom ROMs. In other words, you cant change anything in your phone. Pretty useless,eh?

If you click the Buy Now button, it says it is out of stock. Considering the situation in which the edition is launch, Samsung might have put very few phones in stock which caused it to go out of stock

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