EA Season Ticket Holders get Fifa 13 Today: With no Legacy Defending

fifa 13 nani

EA sports fan who have a Season Ticket got the Access to Fifa 13 today, 3 days before the Global Launch. This is an exclusive features offered by EA Sports for its Season Ticket Customers. The game has No Legacy Defending Option

The Season ticket holders get the game for Download for their Xbox 360s and PS3. The download link became active at different times in different Regions of the World.

It has been reported by gamers who got early access to the game that it has no Legacy Defending Option. This is news to players who were sticking to old school Legacy defending System.

Legacy Defending has been removed from the game after the introduction of tactical Defending, which is more realistic and subsequently Hard. Tactical defending was introduced in Fifa 12 while Legacy option was also provided. While few people stuck to Legacy Defending in Fifa 12, Tactical defending became the standard and was used in International Tournaments of FIFA 12.

The gamers who get the Early Access because of Season Tickets of EA subscribe to the service for $25. This service provides you with other features include early access of games, but all that glitters is not Gold. The Early Access expires after 3 days and the gamer has to eventually buy the game at full price.
Fifa 13 officially releases on 25th Sept. 2012.

Stay Tuned for the Review of the much awaited Fifa Franchise.

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