Samsung Release Android 4.1 Jelly Beans for Galaxy SIII in Europe

galaxy s3 jelly bean

Samsung has started to make the Official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update available for its users in Poland and eventually through Europe. The update is available for Samsung’s Flagship phone, Galaxy SIII and 10 other phones including Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Beam

android update kies galaxy s3

The update was made available by Samsung's Kies synchronization software

This is a welcome news for users of Samsung phones who have been anxiously waiting for the Android Update. The new update is set to make the Android Usage much more smooth with features to personalize your phone even more.

The New update of Android has several features including a powerful Siri-features which adapts to your voice and accent. Other features include Pop Up Play video window (a useful feature that lets you watch video on top of any app), and a new Easy Mode for arranging widgets on the home screen.

The update was first spotted by Polish users and after that other countries across Europe have reported the Update availability. The update Available is for Samsung Galaxy SIII, a device that will surely become more tempting after the upgrade.

iPhone5 vs galaxy s3

Samsung has released the update with perfect timing as iPhone 5 has just been released with powerful sales in US. This update will surely make the Samsung Phone a much harder competition for Apple’s Smartphone.

There has been no comment from the Smartphone giants from Asia about Jelly bean update for US users but it wont be long before it comes to US as well

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