Bluetooth Enabled Hand Gloves: Gesture a Call and Talk

hi fun bluetooth gloves

Ever had to talk using Gestures or seen kids imagining talking on the phone while making this Gestures? Then surely you recognize the one above.


 Italian Based manufacturers have come up with a gadget that makes this gesture a reality. These are Hi Fun’s Bluetooth Enable Hand Gloves

This Device turns your thumb into a Speaker and your smallest finger into a microphone and Voila, you can Talk.

It is connected to the Phone through Bluetooth which means it has to be maximum 12 m away from your Cell phone. That is fine considering Phones are usually in our pockets.

The Gadget has a 3 buttons on the wrist side including call receive, call reject and a more useful Call last No. Of course it has a sync button as well to sync your phone with the Glove.

While to make Calls you need to access the Phone, unless it has voice Dialing but to reject them and to redial them, you don’t need to bring your phone Out. The glove’s lithium-ion battery is charged using an included USB cable, and should be good for ten days of standby use, or 20 hours of conversation.
Apart from that, it is a really Warm glove

It is a fairly good option for places where it is so Cold that people think twice before taking off a glove. The Gloves come in sizes and colors for men and women and cost s fair $64.

P.S. The Right hand glove is plane non-electronic (It cant receive a Call)

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