How to prevent Facebook Hack ?

Facebook hacked
Facebook is the most used social media website around the World with nearly a billion users. One of the most common problems that Facebook users face is hacking of their account. How to protect it from getting hacked, here are a few tips.

Protection Using Facebook

·    Set a Strong Password

It is the most basic preventive measure to protect your Facebook account. Set a password that is

·    Unique
·    Combination of numbers and letters
·    not something that is common knowledge about you e.g. your girlfriend’s name

You also need to regularly change your password. You can do it with something that you do once or twice month, like paying your carrier bill.

·    Be Careful what you SHARE on Facebook

People tend to add and share everything on their Facebook accounts. This surely is a big mistake. Some things that should NOT be public in your Facebook account are

·    Cell Phone Number
·    Social security nos.
·    home address
·     personal numbers 
·    e-mail IDs

These things can be made private by options provided by Facebook. It is IMPORTANT that you make them private because by default they are public in Facebook.

To make this info private. Go to right top corner where you will find an ARROW directing downwards. Click on it and you will see a list of settings including ‘ Privacy settings’ – CLICK

Here you can either set to one of the 3 default setting options available namely Public, Friends and Custom. Friends is a good option if you have people on your facebook that you know well, otherwise you can use custom settings but do READ CAREFULLY before changing any settings in Custom Mode

·    Enable Secured Browsing

Again go to right top corner and hit the arrow pointing downwards. This time click on the Account Settings. When on the Account Settings page, there is a menu on the left of your screen, Click on the Security tab from that menu.

On this page you would want to Enable Secure browsing. Enabling Secure browsing means that from now on you will be browsing Facebook over a Secure Internet Connection. Secure Connections can reduce the risk of successful hacking attacks by over 90%

·    Enable Recognized Device

This features requires you to register devices that you use to log on to Facebook. Facebook provides with an option that notifies you whenever your account is logged on from a device other then the ones you have already Registered. This feature is very effective. To register a device, you have to provide the code you receive by email or Text Message.

You can reach the RECOGNIZED DEVICE option in the security setting page.


This is one of the features of Facebook people rarely no of. Many of us have to us Facebook outside of our homes, i.e. from public Computers. To avoid getting your password saved in those Computers, you can ask Facebook for a OTP that is active for 20 mins.
Here is how you can get it.

you can send a text message to 32665 with the message “otp” whenever you’re about to login on a public computer

·    Back Ups for retrieving password

If your password is compromised and you want to get it back. There are several things that can help you to get your Password and thus the account back

·    2 or 3 Alternate Emails
·    Cellphone No.
·    Strong Security Question and a Powerful Answer

·    General Precautions

These are set of basic precautions that you need to make are

1. Only add people whom you really know.
2. Block people to whom you do not want to show your information.
3. Try not to provide any sensitive information within your profile.
4. Allow only trusted games and applications to access your profile.
5. Do not download any unknown files unless sure of the contents within.
6. Beware of user-generated spam.
7. Keep your password as strong as possible. It is recommended that you use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters within your password.
8. Do not install any third party applications unless it is from a trusted vendor.
9. Do not click on any suspicious links as one can be unaware to where it might lead to.
10. Do not run any JavaScript in the browser.

Protection Outside of Facebook

·    Keep Anti Virus Protection and Internet Security Updated

This is the most Important step you need to take in order to protect not only Facebook but other important data you have on your Computer. Hackers use Keylogging to get every word that you type in your Computer. Make sure your Anti Virus Program is updated. Windows constantly keeps giving POP Ups if isnt updated, so if you are getting the pop ups, its time you get the Update

·    DO NOT USE Open Wi-Fi Networks

This Is one of they easiest ways hackers can get to your Account. Open Network Data can be easily monitored. Hackers can use simple methods and steal your password or session information, and use this to gain access to your account. So look before you leap.

·    DO NOT SAVE Passwords on Browsers

This is the most common mistake made by people. In order to get rid of Cumbersome password entering everytime you log onto Facebook, people tend to save it in the browser. Easiest access to your password is through your browser. Google Chrome Users just need to got into Settings>Advanced Settings>Passwords and Forms> Manage Saved Passwords.

Play it safe and your Facebook will always be protected!!!


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