How to update your iPhone using iTunes to iOS 6


Here is a step by step guide to upgrade your iPhone to latest iOS 6.

1. Plug your device to your Computer

2. Check if your device can be updated to iOS 6. For that check our list of devices that have got the update

3. Now you need to have the latest version of iTunes i.e iTune 10.7. If you havent got it yet, download it from HERE

4. Make a back up of iPhone current OS so that in case the update goes wrong, you are not left with a firmware less phone.

To do that, right click your device name in the navigation bar and click back up

iTunes 10.7

5. Go to the left navigation bar and click on your device name.

6. Under the Summary tab, click on the button labeled Check for Update.

itunes check for update

7. This kind of a screen will show

ios 6 update itunes

8. Click download and Update

9. Your update will start, continue with the prompts and you will have iOS 6 in no time

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