HTC Windows Phone 8 Devices Announcement on Sept. 19, Images leaked today

HTC has handed out invitations for an event on 19th September to announcement their latest line of smartphones holding the Windows Phone 8 OS. While HTC prepares to unveils the phones at market, images have been leaked of the future HTC smartphones.

HTC  September 19th event

HTC sent out the invitations on the day when iPhone sent out invitations for their 12th September event, so their invitation didn’t hit the headlines as expected. HTC becomes the 3rd company to announce devices on Windows Phone 8 after Samsung announced their ATIV S and Nokia announced Lumia 920 and 820.
HTC is set to release 3 smartphones on 19th September, all on Windows Phone 8 OS. Previously rumored as HTC Zenith, HTC accord and HTC Rio, the new leaked specifications show that these would be named HTC 8X, 8S and 8V.

HTC Accord specifications

This image shows the specifications of the Phone Rumored to be the HTC 8S (previously HTC accord). This device is the the midrange gadget among the 3 to be announced by HTC and has a 1.2 Ghz. Dual core processor, 1 GB Ram and includes an NFC as well. This is the mid range device of HTC and Motorola's flagship Droid Razr HD holds the same specs, that gives you a clear idea of where HTC is in the smartphone market.

If you know how HTC name their phones, then you can easily predict that HTC 8X is the Flagship smartphone of HTC in the Windows Phone 8 OS series and it will surely give competition to other Windows Phone 8 smartphones in the market.

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