Apple users asking How to solve Wi-Fi problem in iOS 6?

iOS 6 Wifi problem

Apple released iOS 6 few days after the announcement of iPhone 5 for phones including iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, iPad 2 & 3, iPod touch. The OS has come under heavy fire due to several glitches including the Wi-Fi Problems and users are asking: How to get rid of this problem?

iphone 5 wifi on

There is a long 92 page thread of iOS 6 users on Apple’s Discussion forum with Users reporting problems of iOS 6 Wi-Fi ‘not connecting’ and ‘download problems.’

blame apple

Apple has to completely take the blame for this problem as they have done for the iOS 6 Maps and start thinking about rectifying this problem. Users of Apple’s devices including the iPhone 5 are complaining about the Wi-Fi connectivity problem. Downloading problem over LTE is also a major concern and Apple needs to release an update in the OS to fix the Bug.

When the iOS 6 was released, it was thoroughly checked by ABI Research and they too reported issues with the Wi-Fi Downloading.  ABI’s vice president of engineering Jim Mielke said,

“Ordinarily, an iPhone user should get download speeds of 10 to 15 megabits per second. The iPhone 5, "gets stuck at 300 kilobits per second and basically does almost nothing."

Considering the situation where 20% of iOS devices have shifted to iOS 6, Apple have got their work cut out as it wont be that easy to sort this OS problem out. This is because among the many users complaining about the Wi-Fi issue, there are several others whose Wi-Fi is connecting and Downloading  properly.

Is this a production glitch or developer issue? we Will soon find out. Meanwhile all of you users out there who are having problems, make sure Apple gets to know the exact problem your facing to help the Company out in sorting out your Problem.

Do Share with us your iOS 6 problem as well! 

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