Reminder: Apple iPhone 5 announcement event Tomorrow

Apple iPhone Event

Its been hot 4 weeks for the smartphones world with companies like Samsung, Motorola and Nokia announcing their high end phones with Android and Windows Phone OS. In the end, its time for the show stopper, Apple who are going to announce the iPhone 5 tomorrow.

Apple iPhone Logo

The event takes place tomorrow at San Francisco where all of Apple’s big people will be present to show off their next gadget, the iPhone 5.

Apple have come to the party after Samsung released their ATIV S, Nokia released their Lumia Phones while Motorola released their Droid Razr phones

The iPhone is set to feature many features, some trademark and few new inclusions as well.
The new iPhone has been heavily rumored with different features like a 4” screen with retina display, (standard in iPhones) and a smaller dock connectors!!

Apple has been a dominant force in smartphone market with their iOS but still they are not matching the sales of Android. To bring it down, Apple used methods like Lawsuits against Samsung one of which Apple actually won getting a compensation of $ 1 bn. from Samsung

Cant wait for the set my eyes in the new iPhone!!!

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